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Do The Work! This is a powerful new Motivational Speech Video on why sometimes you just need to stop procrastinating and get to work!

Do you spend hours procrastinating and feeling stuck? I know I do sometimes. 😬 Would you like to do work that matters? Oftentimes its not about having better ideas, but breaking through the resistance and actually doing the work. These speech videos are created to motivate students to study for exams, work hard, and fight feelings of depression and anxiety.

The book (from the author of “The War of Art”):
Do The Work:

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Lovely If you need any free music for your content, come glance through the playlist's i have, they would really imrpove your stuff!

James Henry Smith says:

Work is bad for people.

Gary Thompson says:

Great initiative

shree hari Aravindan says:

thank u very much. I really needed this.

MDprospect says:

amazing work you guys!

Asha Rajkamal says:

Thank u (crying)

Tanpu Guite says:

So inspiring.. Thankyou for sharing..

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Motivational Movement says:

Great video and content Joel

Anass The Motivator says:

Loving this piece man!

Great to working alongside you my friend

tapan halder says:

Thanks for this great video

Nika Salvator says:

i was having a hard time to concentrate .but ur videos alws knock some sense sense into my mind & i literelly run back to my table.thanks for awesome videos

Renuka Devi says:

You guys r great……. U motivating me every week. U r my god…

Motivation by You says:

Albert Einstein didn´t come up with the theory of relativity by procrastinating his time 😉

JamesLightBlog says:

Awesome clips! Great video 🙂

Knowledgia says:

Awesome motivation to do my videos on YouTube ! 🙂

Improve Life says:

Thanks for sharing this great video!

Amanda Al says:

Wow this video is amazing! I LOVE the editing! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this awesome channel. I'm so honored. Thank you for everything!

Apedo Ernest says:

beautiful message.

sayantani raxit says:

And another one…thanks yaar…keep motivating and inspiring

Alwin nian says:

really helpfull

GStar says:

Thanks for this video.
Need an advice from anyone of you reading this.
Will I be able to make it?
I'm from India and I wanna settle in USA. I'm currently a student. Wanna work in companies like Google. but idk if I'm on the right path.

Mueed Kumandan says:

I'm listening to this…..EVERYDAY!!!!!

Gucci Grady says:

Much needed video for my self and I'm sure someone else out there

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