DO THE RIGHT THING – Motivational Speech To Achieve Your Goal

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Motivation Archive says:

“When you show yourself to the world and display your talents, you naturally stir all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity… you cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others”

Mohamed Elian says:

Good video. The music is so distracting and the voice goes up and down.

Zion Sky says:

Could you upload less dramatic music please? it takes away the power of the words only slightly but I think it would be a lot better with less focus on the awesomeness and more focus on what its teaching, maybe just less loud, its just that this music is the same type used in all of these and its beginning to get repetitive… just a thought. If you want I could record some pieces which might suit this a lot better if you could send me an recording with just the vocals so I can listen to it and reflect it in the music

El Tapo in his prime says:

the sound levels are all over the place, great content tho!

edgar fernandez says:

excellent video, please does somebody know the background music?

infoMay says:

Always do your best!
What you plant now, you will harvest later.

Shahidsales Asghar says:

I love Robert Greene

Amanda Al Motivation says:

I loved when he talked about getting rid of distractions.. so important if you wanna achieve great things! Thanks for the great vid, much love.

Rashik Sharar says:

Can anyone give me the link of the background music please?

Ann Laggui says:

I love this videos it's make me good choices

Mathius Hijinx says:

so right…100

Complete Human Coaching says:

Top Ten best in the arena of inspiration/development/motivation….gracias amigo

WeirdWorld says:

I love watching these types of videos!
They sure do boost the psyche up!!!!!!
I'm an up in coming Youtuber and it would really mean a lot
if some of you in the community here
could check out the channel i created and give me a shot.
I mostly try to make high quality Lyric videos for now though
I would really appreciate feedback on how I'm doing.
Thank you so much to those still reading xD Kudos!

malcolm x says:

Michael Scofield, is sow motivating

Chris Koch says:

What is Michael Scofield doing on the thumbnail?

Jeff Peltier says:

do the right thing , whats that, go fuck ur self and everything u ppl stand 4 go fuck urselves

Nyc Waez says:

i wanna thank you guys for putting these powerful motivational videos out for us. if you need any help for anything I'm here ty! 0):0)

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