Cristiano Ronaldo – Hard Work & Dedication = Success /Inspiration/Motivation/Film 2018

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This is Cristiano Ronaldo. Hard Work & Dedication = Success
– New Video Presented By Giovadieci

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Erik Melkonyan says:

The player the world will never see


how great christiano

Lamin Camara says:

Not even your mind you're d best

Sanjay Ram says:

I'm a fan of MESSI …..but I admired to CR7 hardwork

Shaktiranjan Roul says:

Am so luckey saw ur game in my life

Whiz Kid says:

name of song which started at 5:52

Whiz Kid says:

name of school

Ayan Bhattacharjee says:


Alex Nicholson says:

Absolutely amazing, best in the world

Lijoy Ebraham says:

Cristiano Ronaldo. The only person who gave me goosebumps, The only person who inspired me.The golden heated . Only CRISTIANO Till the end

Keertiraj singh solanki says:

Love this video

Sikandar Mahan says:

Wah kya baat hai ronaldo

Mohammed Mohammed says:

What is the name of thesong at the end?

Himanshu Dogra says:

name of last song plzzz

Dipesh KC says:

Entertaining and Pleasurable video. Thank You.

Sakina Zahra says:

Best player in the world..!
What an inspiration…❤
"In my mind I think I am the best" wow! #respectandloveCR7..❤

Arjun Singh says:

Last song name please ???

Javon Ramsay says:

As i always say if people had their mindset like this great man they'd probably have every goal or dream they set out

sonam ongchulepcha says:

Always best

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