College Football 2013 Motivational/Pump Up: “You vs. Them”

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One of the best college football motivationals ever. 🙂 My channel: The Original “You vs Them” Commercial [LINK]: …

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beyondlimit2013 says:

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Austin Everett says:

What’s the name of the speech it’s legit af great video

okaniamtheman says:

It’s a remix of “One” by Metallica

Skylar Sanford says:

What’s the song it’s like a remix of Metallica but what’s it called

Mathew stewart says:


Antonio Rhodes says:

Ok I appreciate it I just wanted to get some great aspects and I appreciate it

okaniamtheman says:

I’m not BamiloRBT. I’m OkanIAmTheMan. But if you’re asking me what I think, I think that’s a huge boost for Louisville this season. Louisville had one of the nations worst running games last year, so adding Dyer could help reduce the work load Bridgewater has to carry

Antonio Rhodes says:

Louisville lands former Auburn Running back Michael Dyer who was freshman All American and helped his team to a BCS National Championship game and helped his team win the title against Oregon . In 2011.What do u think about this BamiloRBT

Jerick Hall says:

Coul you go back to doing top 10 college players for each position

TheBasketba111 says:

Hurricanes tribute vid? PLEEEEEEEAASSSEEEE?

zzLIAMzz11 says:

what an ending

Joshkemi says:

Great pump up seasons just around the corner Go Blue !!

Longhorns Fan says:


22DukeBlue says:

Great video as always. How did you get some of those camera angles too?

godzillatron24 says:

This is awesome bro. The best vid you’ve made

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