Change your mindset, change the game | Dr. Alia Crum | TEDxTraverseCity

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Dr. Crum says the biggest game changer is “YOU, by harnessing the power of your mind.” She explores scientific results that show the influence of the mindset on the body, and how changing the subjective mindset produced different outcomes. Dr. Crum’s work is inspired in part by the placebo effect, and has implications that stretch far beyond the realm of medicine.

Dr. Crum is a professor, psychologist, and researcher investigating how mindsets affect health and behavior.

Dr. Crum’s research focuses on how changes in subjective mindsets—the lenses through which information is perceived, organized, and interpreted—can alter objective reality through behavioral, psychological, and physiological mechanisms. Her work is, in part, inspired by research on the placebo effect, a notable and consistent demonstration of the ability of the mindset to elicit healing properties in the body. She is interested in understanding how mindsets affect important outcomes outside the realm of medicine, in the domains of behavioral health and organizational behavior.

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rahul yadav says:

since from when did Brittney spears started reading books and became a smarter version of herself, very good presentation doctor, we will definitely apply it in our lives .

Sophia’s And SnowBall’s World says:

What a great speech!!! Brave is when you are nervous and scared but do it anyways. BRAVO!!!

Guest says:

She sounds like a goat.

Martine Sejour says:

Thank you so much for the clear definition of what mindset truly is. I had always thought that once you focus on something, your mind is unyielding (stubborn), and the explanation about stress from years of research, studying and watching various health shows like Dr. Oz, and The Doctor's is that ANYTHING in moderation can be beneficial.

Shailendra Shukla says:

all western philosophy in its utmost emerged from sanskrit scriptures… see any quotation by any leader in any language….you will find it in sanskrit…experience youself….

Shailendra Shukla says:

same thoughts were conveyed by indian sages(rishis) in form of yoga and meditation …thousands of years ago….

Saalim msfm says:

one of my most favorite videos of TEDx. Fantastic! Mindset does matter!!

Big Red says:

pain experiment could be flawed as everyone has a different pain threshold.

Greg Basham says:

Brilliant insights into the power of the mind to regulate our bodies and our performance!

Panaprium says:

You have so inspiring videos! Keep it up!

C D Kennedy says:

I once worked a job as a furnace tapper. In case you don't know what that is…they're basically smelter furnaces in which an operator (tapper) would tap into with a burning metal oxygen charged lance, to tap its molten contents. Though the primary product was elemental phosphorus a whole different animal of itself, we as tappers were in charge of the byproduct that was to be tapped out trough a hole which was molten slag or metal depending on which hole. Temperatures approached 3000 Fahrenheit, sometimes the refractory runners that contained the this molten substance would at times wear out and tap through the refractory and a one inch thick steel runner box, thus creating a very dangerous slag spill at the location provided to adequately plug the tap and stop the flow. I this situation you would contact the panel board operator to shut the furnace off and sometimes that would create even more flow compounding the situation. Our only response was to spary water on the molten slag and throw wooden pallets to create a temporary path to get close enough to the hole and ram it with a ceramic fiber cone plug at the end of a 15 foot pipe and solid metal plug one end to support the fiber cone with an additional T handle on  the end for control. Now mind you, you have molten solidifying hot slag popping and flying off the floor, that is now is engulfed in steam giving off copious amounts of choking sulfur dioxide gas all the while drenched in sweat, and of course wearing the appropriate fire retardant PPE was like wearing a parka in a sauna. If you can imagine its akin to trying to stop a volcano flow. For the most part fear over took the rookie, but for the brave experienced they would try their hand at plugging it repeatedly. I once saw my boss take a plugging bar with the delicate ceramic fiber cone attached and throw it like a javelin through the 2×2 foot runner compartment opening and landed a bulls eye hit and plug the beast. It was amazing. Mind set? YES!!! definitely! This was just one of the many challenges we faced in this line of work I thought I'd share

Francis Mausley says:

Thank you. Positive thought… "If the soul identifies itself with the material world it remains dark, for in the natural world there is corruption, aggression, struggles for existence, greed, darkness, transgression and vice. If the soul remains in this station and moves along these paths it will be the recipient of this darkness; but if it becomes the recipient of the graces of the world of mind, its darkness will be transformed into light, its tyranny into justice, its ignorance into wisdom, its aggression into loving kindness; until it reach the apex." – Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 120.

Eugene Aniar says:

Interesting take. I guess Awareness of where we focus our beliefs and mindset can make a difference.

Sazu Haque says:

Wonderful. How energetic, humble and inspiring she is !!!

Scott Johnstone says:

I can see the food industry quietly switching to Soylent green and keeping the packaging the same!

Asteri ETERNAL says:

She's so excited, she's nervous! :-)))

John McSherry says:

I'm not a doctor, but having taken it before, the morphine analogy doesn't fly. The immediate effect of the shot kills MOST of the pain very quickly. As it wears off, the pain returns gradually and has returned full force before it is time for the next injection. The IV drip never gets rid of the pain, but keeps it at the half way point between the injections. Injection + the drip would be a better option. Although the mindset part is something I believe in, isn't this a re-run of the power of positive thinking?

Sarcastic Loser says:

this made me lose The Game

Nitesh Hira says:

amazzing Dr crum.

Doctor India says:

old saying" mind over matter" ,the hard truth s there s no matter..matter itself s a faux created by mind,n mind itself s a faux created by consciousness…..
one of my colleague asked me a question wn i was discussing abt placebo effect,
he asked me ,so do anasthetic agents r placebo?thats a tough call..
my answer: yes everything s placebo,everythings deeply rooted information in the mind constructs…
everything s ideas or informative codes or constructs…
til ur mind exists,everything exists…
u realise it wn the constructs of mind breaks down ..

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