For speech bookings contact Jonathan “Jah” Hunn at Instagram: @Jah.Hunn Facebook: Morehouse Man, Jonathan “Jah” Hunn, President of the C3 Method Foundation, delivers a passionate speech about improving the K-12 education system as a solution to many of the issues plaguing the Black experience in America. The C3 Method Foundation teaches mediation and yoga to at-risk youth, military veterans, abused women, and incarcerated Americans. Join Jah in the fight to replace detention with meditation and ending the “school-to-prison pipeline!”
What happens when you have a motivational speaker come to a school for free, yet he ends up getting disrespected by kids of his own race? Eric Thomas speaks at Latino schools, Jewish schools and predominantly Caucasian schools. Yet the African American speaker shows up to this school and the young black men and women refuse to stop talking amongst themselves. Thomas can hardly believe what he’s witnessing and has to take a moment to gather himself. And then it’s on. He turns up the heat in that auditorium to a degree that these kids never felt. He schools the [More]
THIS IS THE FULL LENGTH VIDEO : “DEAR BLACK WOMAN” Dear divine, astute, courageous and powerful black women, you are all great. Know your potential, exceed your OWN expectations. Success is yours for the taking! We are undervalued, underrepresented, misunderstood, misguided, but we are resilient. Let’s change our energy so that we can fuel the change needed to transform the world in which we live. We must become the example. We must lead. We must implement ourselves, we can infiltrate and dominate any industry. Share your knowledge, but be wary of those who are willing to TAKE from you. Knowledge [More]
Let Us Make Man Part 4. Delivered April 11, 1994 in Houston, Texas
20 year old young man, “WhoThat” does motivational speech at Black History Month Event.