Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith had an Interview with Barack Obama
Will Smith talks about his experience skydiving. Funny and inspiring with a great message at the end!
Chase your Dream – A Motivational Video featuring Will Smith
There are few guests as charming and magnetic as Will Smith. He proved that on his very first appearance on the show. He cleared up something with Ellen he’s been meaning to ask her about for a while. Ellen is featuring some of her favorite moments all summer long. Don’t forget to watch Ellen weekdays!
Will Smith reflects on the physical and mental challenges of preparing to play one of the most famous boxers in history, Muhammad Ali. »»﴿───▻ See more
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Will Smith, one of the biggest movie stars on Earth, stars in the new film, “Concussion,” about the real-life doctor who exposed the dangers faced by NFL players from the effects of brain trauma suffered by concussions. The actor tackles the controversial topic, and the current political landscape, during his chat with correspondent Tracy Smith.
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Speech starts @ 10:50 Inspiring Interview of Will Smith on December 2016 – How to Move On It can be difficult in life to accept the bad things that come our way. In this interview Will Smith shows his serious side and reveals how to move on in life. This simple yet often missed concept is a must watch. Remember no money in this world will give you the happiness you desire. Only true happiness comes from others and you. Share the joy this year and make it one to remember. Like and share if this video has touched you.