Meet world famous inspirational teen motivational speaker and teen life coach, Jeff Yalden. See his 2011-2012 Demo video and visit his website at When hiring a teen speaker…. Hire the best! 48 countries. 50 states. Over 4000 programs.
Gabe Salazar Motivational Youth Speaker inspires students to Dream Big and Succeed. School Speaker Latino speaker teen empowerment overcoming obstacles Class motivation
At just 19 years old, Motivational youth speaker Amanda Springob has inspired thousands of junior high and high school students by preaching self-acceptance, resilience, and finding happiness in everyday life. Through her teenage years, Amanda experienced many different forms of adversity, including low self-esteem, toxic relationships, depression, and anxiety. Her story explores what it means to not only make good choices in tricky situations, but also to choose happiness everyday. Amanda delivers an engaging message that resonates with teens and young adults. Her honesty and quiet youthfulness makes her easily relatable to adolescents. If you or someone you know would [More]
Visit for more information. Jason Wain is an Australian motivational youth speaker for middle schools and high schools who speaks at schools and conferences in Australia and North America. His passion is for motivating students in leadership, making good choices and social emotional intelligence.
Kamal Hyman is a 19 year old motivational speaker. He travels the UK speaking in schools, colleges and youth organisations to young people. Kamal’s powerful message encourages and inspires young people to raise their standards, give themselves a clear vision of the future and of course to ‘Aim A Little Higher’. His high energy, humorous delivery style allows him to reach the hearts of the young people he speaks to enabling them to take the message and implement it into their own lives. To book Kamal e-mail Lorna at Twitter: @KamalHyman Facebook: Website: Skype: Kamal.Hyman
Jessie Funk speaks to teens all across America with her message of leadership and life-choices. She would love to come to your elementary, Junior, high school or leadership conference! Email her at or check out About Jessie and her work with teens: -Leadership certification from Notre Dame University -BS in adolescent Psychology -Certified Teen Life-Coach -Director of a national non-profit organization for teen girls, The Ivy Girl Academy ( -Author of two books for teens -Troubled teen herself who chose to rise above the challenges
Derek Clark is an inspiring motivational youth speaker, trainer and the author of the critically acclaimed I Will Never Give Up book series and Never Limit Your Life. Derek’s courageous story is a one of resilience and redemption. As a child, Derek experienced abuse, rejection and fear before spending 13 years in the California foster care system. He knows first-hand how to use the power of attitude in coping with adversity and overcoming hardship. Derek is a popular keynote speaker for child welfare conferences, foster parent conferences, foster youth and is a recognized foster care expert. He has inspired audiences [More] Speaker, Author, Mentor, and Confidence Coach, Keisha Howard, is a passionate communicator and girl’s self-esteem enthusiast who is making a positive impact in the lives of girls, young women, and the people who care about them. Coach Keisha offers support to parents by provideing 1:1 Life Coaching for girls and young women across the Nation via Skype, and she also provides group life coaching sessions in Dallas, TX. Together, girls work with Coach Keisha to combat fears, learn how to honor themselves, set goals, build confidence, and make healthy decisions.
Motivational Youth Speaker Ryan Celestain Ryan Celestain will inspire, empower and challenge your audience with his message: “Running Your Race” His message has been heard by over 1 million people worldwide via online videos, high schools and college classes. Growing up Ryan was labeled a “problem child” and was told the only future he had was jail, being homeless or ending up dead on the streets. Ryan doesn’t buy into labels. Instead of allowing your audience to see where they currently are in life Ryan is passionate about challenging listeners to see where they could be. Ryan’s message is [More] To book David, contact: or call 1-800-799-1460 David Edward Garcia is the only 5-language-speaking-comedian on the planet! He was voted North America’s #1 Youth Motivational Comedian in 2013, 2014, and 2015 by the Top Youth Speakers of North America. He delivers pro standup quality (5-6 laughs per minute) AND he teaches how to be successful, inspired, and happy! He is an author, speaker, top youth comedian,and a ball of positive energy that inspires life change! This is a portion of his speech at the University of Wisconson. Student Motivation Specialist: David Edward Garcia has inspired tens of thousands of students with his core message: You CAN succeeed regardless of your challenges. He delivers his message with a 100% family-friendly comedy routine that has dazzled and moved audiences, from elementary schools to high schools and college campuses. David’s upbringing was nomadic, he began traveling internationally as a teen and this early exposure to different cultures earned him many valuable insights. Along the way he became a polyglot, becoming fluent in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian in addition to his native English. David truly connects with students of [More]
Watch Youth Motivational Speaker, A.C. Cristales deliver his keynote at the 2013 HOBY North Texas Leadership Conference. It’s not enough to Dream BIG, one must Live B.I.G. A.C. is an international speaker, consultant and author. For more information: Get your copy of A.C & Axel Cristales’ book, The School of Hard Knocks: 10 Lessons to Help You Succeed in Life at… General info: Social: Twitter: Facebook Fan Page: Instagram: ac_cristales