University of Great Falls Wrestling Team 2011
Fan video made to support wrestling in the USA. Thanks for watching
“The Beauty Of It” offers a unique look at the incredible dedication and hours of training and hard work invested by every student-athlete on the Gopher Wrestling team to perform at the highest level.
Fan Made NCAA Wrestling Tribute edited by S_Dot_Mo
Using stock footage going as far back as the 1970s, this video was created as a tribute to the great sport of wrestling. Highlighting the best USA wrestlers, this is a video to show the world that wrestling isn’t just a sport, it’s a life. Special thanks to the footage provided by ESPN, the NCAA, NBC, Flo Wrestling, US Olympic Committee, and the NWCA.
Righetti Wrestling Team 2011-2012 follow me on twitter @thechonginator
Wrestling is more than just a sport. It requires heart, commitment and discipline. Very few will know what it truly means to wrestle with all your might, body, and soul. Nutrition, technique, conditioning, strength training, and the motivation to wake up early mornings and stay up late nights are all decisions that will determine your success as a wrestler. I urge you to RISE and to take up the challenge that so many are not willing to take. It does not matter the level you are at. Be patient and you will see the fruits of your labor. PFC Brooks [More]
A short film that depicts the wrestling culture. Developed for adidas’ line of wrestling products.
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…to motivate wrestlers to achieve at the highest levels of competition. To inspire new wrestlers to stick with the sport and recruit new wrestlers to the sport.
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This is another video I made for Glacier High School’s Wrestling team. This video is very motivational and really makes you think. If you haven’t done wrestling yet you should give it a shot, its a great sport that teaches you a lot of life lessons and helps you become a better person. Always make goals in your life and strive towards those goals.