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Chapter 7 – Episode 8 Sixtieth Eighth Motivational Video ’The Dark Knight’ NON PROFIT Check out my channel for more: I started this because one day I was trying to teach myself how to work with this editing programme ‘Final Cut Pro’. Making a motivational video was the first thing that came up to my mind. I remember the very first time I saw one. It was the very first time since my depression I didn’t feel so alone anymore. I decided recently to make motivational videos as a form of training to become a better film maker in [More]
Unbroken – Motivational Video\WHY Do We Fall ? فيديو تحفيزي – لماذا نفشل
Part 2 out now! Link: Congratulations to the Carolina Panthers for an unbelievable season, I hope they to well in the Playoffs and finally get the respect they deserve. There are so many great stories on this team from Cam Newtons struggles to Thomas Davis’ career ending injuries, from not having a great WR or to Norman being a bust. This is a team of underdogs. FYI I’m not a Panthers fan, Texans all day! Enjoy. Please like and Subscribe if you enjoyed. Leave a comment below on who I should do next. All the video goes to The [More]
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To stop dreaming is to stop living. Motivation can come from many different places, but only does its job when acted upon!!