Beautifully narrated moral stories in Hindi with 3D Character Animation, These Hindi moral stories are written with value building themes that children can enjoy. There is a moral to every story with a positive lesson to learn. The friendly people and animal characters in this short moral story can help children learn important lessons of life. Enjoy this Lazy Hippo-Moral Stories for Children in Hindi…
Get Best collection of motivational video for students, Quotes for Students with Image. Student life is very crucial. The time you are passing now is priceless. If you learn the inner meaning of these famous peoples’ quotes on education, study and exam for students, You will learn the real value of education and student life.
This is an inspirational video about the definition and meaning of “Grit” from a 11 year old boy. We hope you enjoy it.
Teachers encourage and remind students of test taking strategies through carpool karaoke
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Motivational video based on short story of a rich kid. One of the best inspirational video on how a rich kid gives a lesson to his father on how to lead a simple life. If you want to be motivated & inspired and want your kids to learn from life at early age then this is the video. Share it with your friends who have kids & inspire motivate them too. Simple Life! A rich man takes his son on a trip to a village to show him the general life of people there & also the poverty they live [More]
I know it’s not Back to School season anymore, but I just wanted to share this with you. Enjoy!