this is one of the best motivational speech on never quit never give up best motivational videos in hindi by mahendra dogney i hope you all are will get a lot motivation by this video
This video will tell you the most inspiring & motivating story about a person who followed the Never Give Up motivation code and became extremely successful in life. Watch this inspirational video for success ins life and business.
First AMV messing around in Sony Vegas, I used to watch hundreds of AMVs when I was a kid in internet cafes and still watch hundreds of AMVs, I’m 30 now xD This is always something I wanted to try out and give back to the community even if I suck at editing I hope all 5 of you enjoy it. Thank you all for watching, I want to do more and get better at editing and I’m going to be working on more Dragonball Z content like this and continue a “Never Give Up” series releasing a new video [More]
This is the first League of Legends Motivational video I’ve made. I’d like to make more if you guys like it. The audio was not done by me, if it was I would have done it better to make sure the music didn’t overcast on the speeches. This video was made using the League of Legends Rising videos of Faker and Bjergsen, links below. I hope this motivates you all to try your best in every match you have! Never Give Up! Legends Rising Episode 1: Faker & Bjergsen ­ “History” – Legends Rising Episode 4: Faker & Bjergsen [More]
Startup Stories presents Elon Musk Motivational Video. In this inspirational speech, he encourages entrepreneurs to never give up. In this video, Elon Musk speaks about the up and downs in his life and how he along with his brother launched their first company. He also speaks about how things look great in the beginning but how all sorts of issues affect the startup later on, including his startup Tesla. But he encourages all aspiring entrepreneurs to never give up and work hard every waking hour to achieve success and never give up on their dream. Stay tuned to this space [More]