In this video author & motivational school speaker Jeremy Anderson speaks at a high school about the importance of perseverance, and hard work!! This video was edited by Joseph Osorio with OSOCREATE To book Jeremy for your school or university visit his website: Rep YOUR #NextLevelLiving gear at: Connect with Jeremy online on Facebook:… Twitter: Snapchat: @snap_jeremychat Instagram: Jeff Yelden, Josh Shipp Best speeches of all time, best motivational speech ever, motivational speeches, best motivational speeches of all time, motivational speech, motivational seech topics, top speeches of all time, motivational speech youtube, motivational [More]
The purpose of this video is to build hype and motivate middle school students for state mandated testing. It makes use of audio from Motivation 2 Study’s “Push Yourself” video. You ca subscribe to their channel by referencing my recommended channels. Go Spartans!
Since January 15, 1992, Success By Choice, Inc. has been providing student leadership development, leadership workshops, college student leadership programs, and youth ministry. Marlon Smith is known as an exceptional college speaker and youth motivational speaker, who has implemented student leadership programs in 45 states and 13 countries. Marlon is a contributing author to the international, best-seller “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and is the lead motivational speaker for the Tony Robbins’ Global Youth Leadership Summit.
Motivation video created for the students at our middle school.
Scott Rose was the keynote speaker at GBS Connects, a career day for high school students at Glenbrook South High School near Chicago, Illinois. Scott delivered his inspirational & motivational “Be Weird” speech to over 3,000 high school students in March 2015. Scott talks about how you can find the career you love by saying yes to new opportunities, which enables you to embrace your weirdness, which will lead to a career that you are passionate about.
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Responsibility – Motivational Video —————————————— ” What do we mean by “being responsible?” Are things or events happenning because of fate? or destiny? What if we DECIDE by ourselves to make the step, and go forward! Remember that we never do something that we have not chosen, WE are the main factor of our lives. NS’s trigger is a motivational channel, gathering speeches of different and great leaders.” —————————————— *Music: 1. Gothic Storm – Look To The Stars 2. ReallySlowMotion Music – Bright Like Stars —————————————– *Speackers: Wayne Dyer Anthony Robbins —————————————— *Footages: #Inspirational Running Video (HD) from “shaycarl” #’Alone’ [More] A high school teacher, trainer, and instructional coach, Chase Mielke was a 2014 Michigan Teacher of the Year nominee, and is currently a Quantum Learning for Teachers facilitator ( and creator of an award-winning Positive Psychology program for at-risk 10th graders. Original text and info about speaking engagements can be accessed at Courtesy of Rhino Media Productions