Video Credits: Truly Inspirational and Floss Cov on YouTube ——————— Every so often, I feel like people often let fear stand in their way of achieving things or let it stop them from prospering. Fear is not real. It is a bi-product of your mind. I thought today everyone could use some Monday Motivation before heading into their workweek, holiday season and just life. Everyone could use a dose of motivation every once and a while. Now, I understand my YouTube channel is dedicated to providing people wix tutorials, but sometimes you need to provide people solutions on another level. [More]
“Fear is the most powerful emotion in human beings.” ** IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL ** In this video Ozzie from Real Social Dynamics ( talks about overcoming fear, learning and unlearning of behavioral patters that limit your success. – MUSIC USED: 1. Vespirtilio by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard 2. Blood Theme – Dexter (TV Series) 3. Molossus by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard 4. Barbastella by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard 5. Ahrix – Nova – SPEECH SOURCES: Ozzie Explains the Three-Day Bootcamp and Fear Technology – Julien RSD and [More]