The “X + Y Theory of Motivation”, coined in 1963 by McGregor, focuses on both negative (“X” Theory), and positive (“Y” Theory) assumptions of employee behaviours and habits. Lisa explains the differences between these two polarizing views employees, and what we can learn from each of these two categories. __ WATCH: Part One – Theories Of Motivation: Part Two – Job Characteristics Model: Part Three – Hygiene Theory: Part Four – X & Y Theory Of Motivation: – CLIPS LIBRARY: A Brief Guide To Motivational Theories – 14 mins 19 secs Motivation is key to productivity but how do you motivate people? A guide to key theories, from Taylor, Mayo and Maslow to Herzberg and Drucker. The TV CHOICE CLIPS LIBRARY is a growing resource of high quality clips for teaching Business Studies, Leisure & Tourism, Geography and other subjects. Clips can be purchased on DVD or streamed from the internet. Visit our website and follow links to “Clips Library” TV CHOICE also has a range of over 200 educational films for Business Studies, Geography, History, [More]
Ever wondered how motivation works? In this video I’ll show you the principle of motivation according to the Self-Determination Theory. Literature: Richard M. Ryan and Edward L. Deci (2000) Motivations: Classic Definitions and New Directions; Contemporary Educational Psychology 25, 54-67 Maarten Vansteenkiste, Lennia Matos, Willy Lens, Bart Soenens (2007): Understanding the impact of intrinsic versus extrinsic goal framing on exercise performance: The conflicting role of task and ego involvement; Psychology of Sprt and Exercise 8 771 – 794 Deci, E. L., & Ryan, R. M. (1985). Intrinsic motivation and self-determination in human behaviour. New York: Plenum This video covers the [More]
An overview here of Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs – a popular model of the factors that determine motivation at work.
Subscribe to Impact Theory for more life-changing advice from Tom Bilyeu and inspiring guests like Michael Strahan! It was an incredible honour to collaborate with Tom and Impact Theory, I’m so incredibly grateful that the growth of AM has led to being able to work with such incredible companies. I hope you guys enjoy this motivational video! About Tom Bilyeu Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Tom’s mission is the creation of empowering media-based IP [More] – This mini-lecture discusses Vroom’s Expectancy Theory and how managers can leverage it in order to effectively motivate employees.
More goodness like this: Here are 5 of my favorite Big Ideas from “Self theories” by Carol Dweck. Hope you enjoy! Get book here: Connect: PhilosophersNotes:
This animation introduces the learner to the concept of motivation as a process, Maslow’s theory of motivation, ways to motivate employees and leadership. This is a product of Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd., an education innovations company based in Mumbai, India.,
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This revision video provides an introduction to and overview of Taylor’s Theory of Scientific Management.
GCE AS/A2 Business studies 1. Frederick Taylor 2. Abraham Maslow 3. Frederick Herzberg 4. Mayo Hawthorne 5. David McClelland 6. Victor Vroom Check out my other channel:
Ch 3. Behavioral School of Management Theory Lesson 4 – The Needs Theory: Motivating Employees with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Instructor: Sherri Hartzell Sherri has taught college business and communication courses. She also holds three degrees including communications, business, educational leadership/technology. Hunger, thirst, security, friendship, respect and being all that you can be are just some of the things that motivate us to take action. This lesson helps us to further understand these needs and how they motivate behavior by showing where they fall in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Needs Theory of Motivation Effectively motivating employees has long been one [More]