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This is an inspirational video I made because of what these two superhero figures have done for me in my life. Batman, of course, is your typical normal human being, who, due to his billion dollar funding, is able to become “The Dark Knight” of the city of Gotham. Superman, on the other hand, is an alien who is born with natural super “god like” abilities. What makes these heroes great is the way they handle adversity. Despite whatever hardships, these heroes create RISK. Risk that can end up in a city in ashes or a city in triumph and [More]
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Hey I know this is kind of random, but whenever I need some motivation or am feeling down about myself this shit seems to help! I wont stray away from COD all that much, but I want to spread some motivation to the world! If you want something then go get it and don’t let anyone stand in your way, but you have to want it! Things in life don’t come easy so seize opportunities and really stride for what you want to make out of yourself and realize anything is possible. Only you can choose your future, what do [More]
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Why Do We Fall,Why Do We Fall – Motivational Video
Hey everyone! So I spent 5 months for this shitty video. I really hope it motivates some of riders and even non riders out there. I got chills while editing this. And quality may be a little bit crappy so yes turn the hd on! I DO NOT own the audio!