Do not be afraid to fail, whatever your dream is, go at with 100 percent. Even if you fail, get up and try again whatever you do do not stop getting up do it over and over until you get there Hooah! Subscribe to Original Human- Speech by: Idris Elba Background video by: Royal Marines Copyright: Move Forth-Secession Studios background music 0:28 – 1:56.
Justin Constantine is a retired US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and nationally acclaimed motivational speaker. Shot in the head in by a sniper in Iraq, Justin received medical aid, financial support and care from the Fisher House Foundation and the Semper Fi Fund during his recovery. These foundations provided him with the resources he and his family needed to heal, overcome the medical and emotional challenges associated with his injury and go on to lead a full, independent life. Today, Justin serves as a role model to other veterans. Visit to read and be inspired by his personal story. [More]
Retired Marine Corps CPL Kyle Carpenter, Medal of Honor Recipient (ceremony on June 19, 2014) … talks about coming back from his near fatal combat injuries in Afghanistan and being a Marine! U.S. Marine Corps video segments by Staff Sgt. Thomas Schaeffer Marine Combat Camera May 2014 Note: Ads associated with this video are due to a 3rd party claim on a music/sound track with no revenues earned by the video’s producer or USA Patriotism! See “Stand” music video that features Kyle Carpenter The U.S. Marines video … ************************************** Video edited by USA Patriotism! ************************************** The U.S. [More] Presents: Justin Constantine A Marine officer, Justin deployed to Iraq in 2006. After surviving a gunshot wound to the head, he believes he now has a “second lease on life.” Six years and dozens of surgeries later, Justin is now a nationally renowned leader in the Wounded Warrior community. Based on his incredible story of survival, Justin offers inspiration for a more rewarding professional and personal life. Not only has he survived, but thrived, in conditions that few can truly understand. With high energy, courage and humor, Justin will motivate the audience and help them realize that no matter [More]
Cpl Sharaf giving a speech to the Graduating Corporals Course of 1-16
Guest of Honor Master Sergeant Montes speaking at the 237th Marine Corps Ball. In 1990 he was deployed to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for Combat Operations in Operation Desert Storm where he served as a Tow Gunner with 8th Tank Battalion (Anti-Tank) TOW Company.
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