Use humor in speaking without telling jokes with this powerful public speaking technique. You can get many laughs per speech just by using this one tool that I call “Giving your audience dialogue.” Don’t forget to use a stem such as “He looked at me as if to say…” FREE PUBLIC SPEAKING TIPS One year from now, would you like to be at least 3 times better than the speaker you are today? Sign up for the original FREE groundbreaking, hugely popular, audio series Plus, if you’re serious about becoming a wildly successful and profitable professional speaker, you can [More] Do you want to be the life of the party? Do you like clever word jokes? This is the lesson for you! Learn to understand five easy jokes that use double meanings to be funny. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn. Watch the lesson, then take the quiz: Looking for a funny presentation opening? What shouldn’t you do for a funny presentation opening? Ask World Champion Speaker, Darren LaCroix. Join Darren LaCroix, Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking as he teaches you about how to write a speech opening. Looking to connect with your audience? Want to connect with your audience faster and deeper? Want to know how to give funny speeches? Learn from a former stand-up comedian who learned how to do it the hard way and now gives funny speeches everyday in the corporate and convention world. Why did Darren LaCroix become a comedian and [More]
Qasim Ali Shah (Urdu:قاسم علی شاہ) is a motivational speaker and a popular teacher in Pakistan. He started his professional career as an officer in Pakistan’s civil services, but later opted for teaching and gradually progressed into becoming a professional trainer, public speaker, writer, and columnist.
Victor Antonio Motivational Speaker Jokes about The Waffle House
Brad Montgomery is a very funny motivational speaker and keynoter. He uses customized humor to better connect with his audiences. Learn more about Brad at
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Kay Frances describes the “joys of aging” in a hilarious way like no other! Let Kay help you make your event truly memorable.
Motivational Jokes series is being uploaded on this channel. The humor is used to convey the powerful messages by various motivational speakers in India, esp. in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune etc. The Sikh motivational speakers are known for their sense of humor. If you have a motivational joke in your mind, contact us at , we will shoot your video and spread it worldwide by our different channels. Let us join hands to make this world more Beautiful.