Motivational Humorist, Patrick Henry delivers funny, motivational speeches that inspire audiences to take action to increase sales, fortify customer relationships, and strengthen teams. He speaks to audiences ranging from association to corporations, educators to students. He is what happens when Keynotes, Comedy, and Concerts…Collide! Patrick can be heard daily on the Sirius/XM radio Family Comedy Channel and the Blue Collar Comedy Channel. Patrick travels out of North Carolina.Patrick Henry performs at the 2009 National Speakers Association (NSA) convention in Phoenix Arizona. A Motivational speaker for people who can’t stand motivational speakers.
Kyle Cease is one of the most in-demand young comics, selling out over 200 shows last year from coast to coast. Since his memorable appearances as the ‘slow clapper’ in “Not Another Teen Movie” and as Bogey Lowenstein in “10 Things I Hate About You”, Kyle Cease has had numerous TV, film and radio appearances. *************** ABOUT A-FEST A-Fest is an invite-only transformational event that gathers an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, employees, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries and more. Take the first step to joining us [More]
Stand-up comedy set on motivational speakers and corporate office. If you like the set, please share with your friends, colleagues from work and strangers on social media. And subscribe for more videos. Currently performing my stand-up solo show Take It Easy across India. All live show details on my page and CREDITS Video Production by Myoho Films ( Production & Editing by Karan Asnani Shot by Abhishek Bhutwani, Sahil Mirani & Sandeep Mishra Live sound recording by Bharat Jhangiani Sound Mixed & Mastered by Raghvendra Bhattacharya