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CHRIS NORTON—MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER Chris suffered a severe spinal cord injury playing college football and was told he would never walk again. He defeated all odds and walked across the stage of his college graduation which the video has gone viral being viewed over 300 million times across the world. Everyone faces change and challenges, but no one should be defined by them. Chris calls us to focus on response, instead of situation…to be defined by attitude rather than circumstance. He shares a compelling story filled with laughs, tears and life changing moments that give audiences hope and a renewed focus. [More]
http://www.larryspeaks.com Professional Speaker & Author Larry Jemison, Jr. speaks to a group of College Students, Faculty, and Military personnel on Success, and how to obtain it. Larry emphasizes the importance of education, draws attention to life’s disqualifiers, art of managing risks and the power of networking. This is not just another speaking engagement, this is truly food for thought from a guy who is serious about success.
Author, Motivational speaker Walter Jackson inspires college students to Sport the Right Attitude
Treandos is a new voice who helps young people excel in life. Treandos wants every young student to win in life by matriculating through higher education. Treandos enjoys working with students from all backgrounds and walks of life. In this talk Treandos talks about some of valiable skills that young people will need to win.
REYESPOETRY.COM (646) 450-4014 info@reyespoetry.com Add me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/reyespoetry Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/reyespoetry Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/reyespoetry/ As an artist/organizer, Reyes performs internationally and facilitates educational workshops on the topic of merging creative expression and critical thought. His mission is to provide a participatory educational environment through poetry and hip-hop to address issues of social justice and cultural identity. Reyes, Reyespoetry.com, Michael Reyes, Hispanic Heritage Month Speaker, Hispanic Heritage Month Keynote, Hispanic Heritage Month Performer, Chicano Poet, Chicago Poet, Latino Poet, Chicano Hip Hop, Radical Latino Speaker, Hispanic Educator, Radical Poetry, Hispanic Poet, Best Chicano Poet, Best Hispanic [More]
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An Educational, Strategic and Motivational Seminar of Saunak Bhatta, designed to help people change the way they perceive their world and to give them strategies that can create difference in their own life and in lives of other people around them. Get connected with him and his team Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/saunakbhatta… Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/saunakbhatta/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/saunakbhatta Dial to invite him for a seminar or training program +977-9851117388 Category People & Blogs
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http://www.findsuccessmentors.com/ College Motivational Speaker Bert Gervais “The Mentor Guy” For College Success, Orientation, Peer Mentorship, Diversity, and Empowering Young Adults and Young Professionals.
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