After hearing this speech, you will never–in yo whole lyfe–live in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!! XD Classic Saturday Night Live skit! ____ Listen to and download ‘It Is What It Is’ –
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“Saturday Night Live” fans might remember Chris Farley’s popular Newt Gingrich impression from the mid-90s. It certainly came in handy in many an episode to poke fun at the then-Speaker of the House, but now that Gingrich has his eye on the presidency, the clips are resurfacing. Our friends at Buzzfeed found this awesome old C-SPAN clip of Farley making a surprise appearance at the 1995 House Republican Conference and giving a speech as Newt. We honestly couldn’t tell you what’s better, Farley saying ‘MERICA, or how giddy Gingrich seems to be in the background. Via Viral Viral Videos
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