This is a clip from TFS Abridged Parody Episode 42. Video is own by Team Four Star.
Yes. Original: Midi:
Your greatest opponent is yourself. If you can discover your weakness you can be a stronger healthier person. You can’t always rely on a gym partner. Sometimes you just have to go solo. No excuses because in the end the only person that can make you better is you. Hope you liked the DBZ relation 🙂 Sorry about the sound quality. Find me here (LIKE) (FOLLOW) jmixon314
Christopher Sabat giving me some words to get through the day.
Motivational Piccolo with the new er old Japanese score
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Here we go again with a video about Gohan’s father. Being one of my favorite characters from DB as well, it was quiet obvious I’d do a Piccolo video – after so many of you awesome people asked for it. I remember watching DBZ as a child and even though I was always with Vegeta (mostly) and Goku (for sure), Piccolo has become one of my favorites in no time as well. I mean… c’mon… I guess everyone wanted to get trained by the great demon king piccolo. At least to me, it’s always been a motivating character (then again… [More]
I do not own this, this was made by Team Four Star.
Piccolo wants to tell you something about yourself–YOU CAN WIN i really need to stop staying up ’til 7 AM watching DBZ…
Since I don’t have Dragon Box 7, I synced the Ocean Dub Audio with the Remastered Orange Box Footage. This is the Ocean Dubbed Buu saga flashback of the motivational Piccolo scene. Enjoy!