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The Most Epic Motivational Orchestral Music! Tracklist: 0:00 Two Steps From Hell – Enchantress 8:10 James Paget – The Hero Within 12:22 Two Steps From Hell – Evergreen 15:22 Marcus Warner – In The End 20:26 Vociferous – Forgotten Legend 26:27 Danny Rayel & Justin Jet Zorbas – The Last Dynasty 30:45 Thomas Bergersen – Dreammaker 35:05 Audiomachine – Existence 39:18 Celthyan – Touching Stars 43:40 Sebastien NovA – Destiny 46:49 Two Steps From Hell – SkyWorld 50:01 James Paget – Throw Off The Bowlines 54:09 Tony Gram – Time 59:03 Kari Sigurdsson – Pearl 1:02:44 Symphoholic – The Climb [More]
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High Quality… 300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero. Great pump up song. Enjoy! And SUBSCRIBE. All credit goes to Jorge Quintero.
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