I’m of course very happy about this, after so much time spent playing this game and practicing very hard every day i managed to reach the highest rank. From this point, i wont take the game as seriously, i will simply focus on playing with my viewers/ twitch followers and just simply to have a good time.
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THIS IS WHAT YOU GET! Enjoy! Hi guys. I like to watch these sort of videos so i thought why not make one myself, gave it a good try. It’s my first motivation video, hope you enjoy : ) Event footage credit goes to: ESL ESEA FACEIT Valve HLTV ______________♫- Music -♫_________________ Instrumental from StuBeatZ: https://www.youtube.com/user/MukkeMitHertzBeatz
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You’ll Go through Hell | CS:GO Motivational Video 8 I do this for free, with no youtube network company as most of the stuff i use is “claimed” by other companies, therefore no networks will be able to make money off of me so they don’t want me. Any donations are greatly appreciated, one day i would love to make videos on my youtube for my real full time job! – paypal.me/TurmCS Audio mixed by – Espilon • Speakers : Les Brown : http://lesbrown.com/ Eric Thomas : ♫ Music : Henry Jackman – Safe Now (Captain Phillips OST) Hans Zimmer [More]
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