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The first 10 seconds of the Video are silent to relax the ears before they hears 5 hours epic nightcore music Playlist of this Mix 01. 00:00:00 Colors of the Rainbow 02. 00:03:38 One in a Million 03. 00:07:14 God is a Girl 04. 00:10:53 All the things she said 05. 00:14:46 Around the World (Lalala) 06. 00:18:08 B team 07. 00:20:52 Every day I see you 08. 00:24:17 Everytime We Touch 09. 00:27:20 Unfaithful 10. 00:30:08 Paxi Fixi 11. 00:32:55 Numa Numa (When you Leave) 12. 00:35:32 Bounce 13. 00:38:22 Amore 14. 00:41:31 Anima Libera 15. 00:44:16 Numb 16. [More]
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Мы Вконтакте: ►TRACKLIST: 1. Nightcore – Monster (DotEXE Remix) 00:01 – 3:04 2. Nightcore – Angel Of Darkness 3:04 – 6:04 3. Nightcore – Angel With a Shotgun 6:04 – 9:09 4. Nightcore – Be Alive! 9:09 – 13:22 5. Nightcore – Cocaine 13:22 – 16:33 6. Nightcore – Everytime We Touch 16:33 – 19:43 7. Nightcore – God is a Girl 19:43 – 23:28 8. Nightcore – Let It Burn 23:28 – 27:32 9. Nightcore – Witchcraft 27:32 – 30:55 10. Nightcore – Welcome to the club 30:55
—-Read me please—- Yo , serious Ai No Sora is ON! : This song’s love,cute meaning is dedicated to my girlfriend, BUT(!) , this song’s Aggressive meaning is dedicated to one old friend of mine that he tricked me and my friends and make us cry so hard for him only because he just wanted to have some fun. So lets see now,as the song says : ”Bring it on ’cause I’m just gonna grow up in the battle, HEY!! And I’ll overtake the sky that burns like fire I can hear the rumbling thunder I will erase this nightmare [More]
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Okay people, here’s my mix again! I’ve been having a lot of trouble uploading this to YouTube, but I think I’ve finally solved the problem. I had to remove ‘Miracle’ from the tracklist, so I replaced it for ‘When You Leave (Numa Numa)’. I hope you guys won’t get mad at me now because I just swapped one of your favorite songs. More importantly, I hope I won’t be having any more trouble with this video… But anyway, I really appreciate what you have done over the last few months! Every new subscriber gave me even more motivation to make [More]
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—-MUST be Read—- Yo , today I’m gonna be kinda serious about my description. I know a lot of guys that had or still have some phychological difficulties.With this one I mean : They feel lonely , not worthy of their existance, they have been bullied for some different choices they did on their lifes etc. So this song is a dedication to them , and all I have to say is that the only thing that you need to get this over is a good friend or a good company to make you feel special! Music,games,anime or whatever makes [More]