Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel ➡ Success Story by David Goggins and Jocko Willink| Best Motivation Video In this video you will learn the success story of David Goggins and Jocko Wilinks and how they became super successful in their career. The path to success is always hard and becoming successful when coming from a rough background is always hard and painful. David Goggins was born and raised in a very tough environment. He was bullied in the school and had a very rough chilhood. As growing up he decided to become a navy seal to toughen up himself [More]
Keep Moving Forward speech – Rob O’Neill, the Navy SEAL who claims he fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden shares why he committed to the mission despite knowing that he may not make it back alive, and how to never quit by making every morning a fresh start. ► Watch all our inspirational videos: ► Subscribe Here: Share this video. Spread the motivation. ========================================­­­­­­­======== FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: ========================================­­­­­­­========
Conducting clandestine missions behind enemy lines. Capturing enemy targets and intelligence against impossible odds. Bringing a threatening act of sea piracy to resolution in the blink of an eye. The legendary achievements of Navy SEALs are matched only by their intense training, fast thinking, unbreakable commitment and indomitable will. SONG:Really Slow Motion – Deadwood
“A man can only be beaten in two ways: if he gives up or he dies.””You absolutely have to have self confidence in order to succeed.So, what we have to do initially every single day, we have to develop that self confidence, we have to forge that self confidence, we have to make sure that that self confidence is inpenetrable to all the outside influences in our life. The comfort zones, the fear that comes and creeps in our minds, that inhibits us from achieving.You’ve gotta have a positive attitude. Every single day you wake up you have a choice: [More]
In this inspiring video Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Author and Performance Coach, David Rutherford shares his personal journey of what it took to rip free from the fear of failure to become a Navy SEAL, top motivational speaker and inspiring radio show host. Watch as he shares his 20 years of his personal discovery in the hopes that you can learn from his amazing journey and begin achieving your dreams too. Never Quit. HOOYAH
this is a video for people going through a rough time preparing for bud’s i dont own these clips
US Navy admiral, William H. McRaven, delivers a speech about the importance of doing the little things, embracing the fears of life, and changing the world for generations to come. ► For more Inspirational Videos: ► Subscribe To Our Channel Here: Share this video to spread the motivation! ========================================­­­­­­­======== FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: ========================================­­­­­­­========
Remarks by Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, BJ ’77, ninth commander of U.S.Special Operations Command, Texas Exes Life Member, and Distinguished Alumnus. University-Wide Commencement The University of Texas at Austin, May 17, 2014.
This is a video I put together for those looking for some motivation…especially those who are training for BUD/s. It’s also a tribute to those who serve, especially Navy SEAL”s.
Hoy os traemos el mejor vídeo de los Navy Seal de la historia. IMPRESIONANTE!!! ¿Quieres ver más videos como este? Echa un vistazo aqui:
A compilation of David Rutherford’s missions on the way to success. Soundtracks: 19 Lone Survivor – Lone Survivor 02 Waking Up – Lone Survivor Movies (in order): Act of Valor (recruitment video) (Black Hawk Down) Zero Dark Thirty Seal Team Six Lone Survivor Speaker: (What is Froglogic – 2:58 min) (Self Confidence – 4:23 min) (Team Life – 4:56 min) “A man can only be beaten in two ways: if he gives up or he dies.” “You absolutely have to have self confidence in order to succeed. So, what we have to do initially every single day, [More]
Here’s a short video about Navy SEALs training and all the difficult things they must go through. For a SEAL to overcome the obstacles and complete his training he must never lose focus and constantly be motivated. I decided to make a motivational video to highlight the importance of motivation for a SEAL.
This is Navy SEAL motivational video that I made…… I do not own anything in the video. Enjoy. Please like this Facebook page that a friend and I started to support our Troops.