A few months ago, Nyeeam (NYE-eem) Hudson, at the time ten years old, was playing in a park in New Jersey when another child started to relentlessly tease him about the outdated sneakers he was wearing. Now, encounters like these are a part of childhood–everyone has experienced some version of it. But the difference is in people’s reactions. Nyeeam’s was particularly ingenuous. Unashamed, he calmly let the other child know that “These sneakers aren’t even going to fit 20 years from now,” pointing out that what really matters is “inside your mind: your wisdom, your knowledge, your power to [More]
Music icon Pharrell Williams met Ellen’s favorite fitness trainer Demarjay Smith for the first time, and the 11-year-old gave a motivational speech you’ll never forget.
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Motivational speech By Google boy “Kautilya” and “Janvi” at SGT University
NEVER GIVE UP! Motivational Speech by Biggy. Subscribe for more motivational speeches by Biggy – Put in a Request! Motivational Kid with Success Message Sales and business expert Grant Cardone’s daughter Sabrina does first motivational video
MMA Kid Instagram – twitter – Quinten’s Facebook Real Footage of Youth MMA prodigy Golden Gloves Champion Quinten Fasthands Logan hitting mitts. MMA Kid Quinten Fast Hands Logan 2013 highlight package 9 year old Quinten Logan made history this year winning a Louisiana open BJJ/USA Boxing tournaments and Mississippi Golden Gloves all in one month.
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Jessica has a day where she’s feeling … really good about her life. ++++FAQ for this video ++++ Q: How old was Jess at the time of the video? A: She’d turned 4 about 6 weeks before the video was shot. Q: How old is she now? A: Depends on when you’re reading this, but she was born in late October of 1997. Q: What does she say at the beginning? A: Though some claim they hear the word “assert” – as in assertive – she’s actually saying I can be a “shark” – but it sounds like “sark” because [More]
This Kid Is A Good Motivational Speaker! “Don’t Put Yourself Down, Motivate Yourself, Keep Yourself Up”
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Motivational Kid Break Dancing – Doing what you love! Break dancing spread worldwide due to popularity in the media in the 1990s, especially in regions such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, Africa and South Korea. While diverse in the amount of variation available in the dance, b-boying consists of four kinds of movement: toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes. Motivational Kid Break Dancing – Doing what you love! Motivational Kid Break Dancing – Doing what you love! *I do not own this video.
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