Imagine being 12 years old and getting to experience a day of hockey just like Auston Matthews. Well, that’s exactly what happened for kids from 16 teams, who took to the ice at the ACC today as a part of the Drills & Skills event.
Here is a workout that we use at Dynamic Sport Performance with our youth hockey players.
Georges St-Pierre stops by the Canadiens’ locker room for a short motivational speech ahead of Saturday’s game against the Maple Leafs. SUBSCRIBE:
Follow Janne Makkonen on Twitter – WATCH PART2 HERE – Victory! Songs: Maybeshewill-Not for want of trying Maybeshewill-He films the clouds pt2 ————– As we all know, we might not see any NHL hockey next year because of the disagreements with the NHL and NHLPA in terms of economic issues and whatnot. Understandably money is an important thing in the NHL and let alone hockey. But we’ve come to a point where you have to draw the line. We’re in a point where hockey is more a product to make money than a beautiful game, which revolves [More]
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This is a compilation of many videos the past 6 months of some tremendous people. Some of the most relentless individuals I have ever met. That is what the position of goalie is all about. Being eager enough to work towards a goal that takes endless hours. This is what many people in life lack. Characteristics to over come challenges and strive for perfection. Its no accident these athletes can perform many of these skills because they practice day in and day out. I purposely put in videos of mistakes to show how they continue. Do we hit days that [More]
The importance of teaching is demonstrated in a 9 year old practice. Every drill ust accomplish it’s purpose. Coaches have to adapt and “Regress” their drills to suit the skill level of their team. Progressive deliberate practice develops the Individual skills needed to do a drill properly and accomplish its purpose. This video provides a number of progressive ideas for teaching to develop Individual skills, Individual tactics and Hockey Sense.
I have put this video together as a tool to show how hard a South African 8 year old works every day to achieve one goal… The Green and Gold.
NHL Life Series powered by L’Oreal showcases top NHL Prospect Aaron Ekblad.
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10 year old AAA hockey player Tommy Jacques 4D Hockey Training with Petr Tichy filming ended 5/2014
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Watch this “best goal” and perfect song — “Yes, I can!” as young people from around the world with special needs come together on the hockey rink.
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Pre game pep talk by Coach Brooks before gane with Russia 1980
Need some motivation!? look no further! A simply inspiring video from British Columbia of a young hockey goalie practicing on a FROZEN PUDDLE! What an incredible example of doing what it takes to become better. Share this with someone that needs a little motivate! Subscribe for awesome hockey videos. ‪ Facebook Instagram Twitter