Matt Foley come to talk to a family about what to do on Christmas Break… Feel free to rate and leave comments!
Bill Stanley takes some time off from motivational speaking to reenact a classic SNL skit about Matt Foley, motivational speaker.
Subscribe to SaturdayNightLive: Matt Foley: SEASON 19: Classic Characters: Matt Foley, now a store Santa, motivates children to stop being naughty. Aired 12/11/93
The last of our series of SNL parody skits promoting Saturday night church at The Gathering Church in Thomasville, GA. Matt Foley, motivational speaker, comes and gives his “Go For It” speech.
This is what happens when you let a crazy Motiviational Speaker into your home to SCREAM, requesting your votes. Seems to be funnier the louder the volume is turned up. I did this in my free time (Basically to test my editing and mixing skills). I do not own rights to the audio. I hope you enjoy this! To fully enjoy this you should watch Phil Davison’s speech and Chris Foley’s Motivational Speaker videos.
Work skit of Matt Foley Motivational Speaker as portrayed by me, Corey Simon.
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
James MacGregor returns as SNL’s Chris Farley’s Matt Foley. This time it’s Christmas and Matt isn’t just a motivational speaker any more!
James MacGregor stars as Chris Farely’s famous character, Matt Foley. James and a couple other cast members performed this skit at the McDonald High School 2008 Lip Sync.
Transcript at More information More Matt Foley sketches here
Matt Foley firing up the couriers at Fedex on Christmas Eve 2011
Is Michigan Football Coach Brady Hoke really Motivational Speaker Matt Foley?
Funny video meme taking a clip from Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley as motivational speaker Matt Foley. Meeting With Your College Adviser Half Way Through The School Year.
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Motivational Speaker Matt Foley @ FBC Design Summit
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