International Director of Training, Marc Accetta has BIG news for UNITED! Want to see where Representatives from all over the world will come together to learn from our top leaders? Tune in and be sure to attend Momentum to be one of the first to grab a seat at UNITED!
A crowd of 4,000+ Reps from all over US, Europe, Asia & South Africa packed the ExCel London Convention Center to receive in-depth training from “Head Coach” Marc Accetta’s playbook―and they got more than they bargained for. Marc’s talented new team of trainers electrified the audience with relevant, heartfelt messages of struggle and personal triumph. This event was more than a game changer―it changed lives. Especially with great training material from Erlund Vatne from Norway, Xristos Xristofi from Greece, Eric Grzybowski from US & David Pietsch from US! It was a weekend like no other! As the kick-off training event [More]
To learn more about A View From the Edge, Marc Accetta, & WorldVentures, visit It’s the Amsterdam Recap of WorldVentures’ A View From the Edge 2011! 16-18 September, 2011, WorldVentures Director of Training Marc Accetta performed the first-ever international presentation of A View From the Edge in Amsterdam. For this week’s VIEWsday email, we want to show you a recap of what you missed and give you a little taste of what’s to come! Roughly 600 fired of WorldVentures Representatives from Austria, Botswana, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Kenya, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, [More]
Whether you’re starting up or a seasoned pro, BootCamp is where you’ll learn how to unleash your true potential to keep your business fit and thriving. Designed to help you take control of your business destiny, BootCamp is a no-holds-barred weekend of tactical training to help you break out as a top earner. Get your tickets to a BootCamp right here (
Scores of determined WorldVentures™ Representatives answered the call of duty over the weekend for BootCamp in Barcelona. Over three days, Lead Instructor Marc Accetta and elite trainers Michael Jex, Lorenzo Roybal and George Georgiou provided powerful and transformative training. Emcee and International Marketing Director Martin Ruof commanded an all-star event that included life-changing messages, techniques and insights to awaken possibilities. “This weekend is going to be a turning point for you and your business,” he said. New recruits and veterans learned how to sharpen their skills, push their limits and reveal their greatness. And, as always, our execs got in [More]
The View has always been a convergence of powerful characters, flawless performances and elaborate sets – all performed by International Director of Training, Marc Accetta. Acting out a series of iconic characters, Marc imparted personal and professional guidance to an audience that soaked up every lesson, drop of energy and ounce of passion. Those who made it to Australia left recharged with a new perspective and ample motivation to lift themselves and their teams to the next level, share and create joy and enjoy the ride.
Get Your Momentum Budapest Tickets here: A View from the Edge in Madrid was one of the most exciting, motivational & life changing events so far and has everyone still on a buzz & talking about all of the incredible events that took place that weekend. Marc Accetta and his team have done it again, giving a incredible performance and placing this years View above and beyond anything anyone has ever seen before. An inspirational weekend indeed with so many field stories & participants that blew the crowd away with their energizing and thought-provoking performances. Reps left with a [More]
Over 10,000 WorldVentures™ Representatives attended the largest A View From the Edge to date and learned that right now, their lives are poised for change. International Director of Training Marc Accetta delivered more impactful personal and professional development lessons than ever before, putting on a massive production that left attendees motivated, impassioned and forever changed. The audience in Baltimore learned innovative concepts that will help them build their businesses in the months ahead. Check out the highlights from the View Baltimore!
Watch Marc Accetta do the Harlem Shake in Singapore
אחד האימונים המפורסמים של מארק אסטה עוד מ2008 שנועד להכניס אתכם קצת לפרופורציות.
UNITED tickets here: For up-to-date business building announcements from WorldVentures executives and inspiring stories from top leaders, attend our biggest event of the year, UNITED! Tickets to Kansas City, Missouri from April 17-19 are on sale now! Visit the events page: and purchase your tickets for UNITED today! #wvunited #worldventures
Marc Accetta promotes Power of Mentorship the movie.
אימון מצחיק ומלמד מאת האחד והיחיד – מארק אסטה.
Check out the highlights from BootCamp Miami! 18,000 WorldVentures Representatives came together in the sunshine state to brighten their future and take their business to the next level. International Director of Training, Marc Accetta led the pack with powerful training, challenging Representatives to find momentum and trust their training. “What we have here is magical. It’s not a company, not a family, it’s a powerful movement.”