Youth Speaker, Teen Expert, and Teen Author, Jeff Yalden shares with you Motivational Minutes for School Announcements – Honesty! Jeff Yalden is an award winning youth motivational speaker and teen life coach. He’s appeared on MTV MADE. His messages have captivated audiences all over the world. Check out Jeff Yalden for school assemblies and teen leadership conferences at
Jeff Yalden is one of the top youth motivational speakers and teen experts in the world today. Here Jeff gives his top 10 tips for high schools graduates.
#1 Teen Motivational Speaker in North America and the World’s Favorite Teen Life Coach shares his wisdom in Motivational Minutes. You can subscribe FREE for your school or classroom by just sending an email to asking to be put on the mailing list for Motivational Minutes. Jeff Yalden speaks at high school assemblies and teen leadership conferences all over the world. Since 1992, nobody has impacted teen audiences like Jeff has. Please follow Jeff on twitter @jeffYalden and on
I want to be your youth speaker. 23 years speaking professionally – school assemblies and youth leadership conferences. Here is a quick video about what I do. Get a FREE book by watching this video. Visit
Teen Mental Health Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden shares a clip about Atittude Adjustment. Interested in Jeff speaking to your school community? Please visit for answers to the most commonly asked questions. Jeff is real and that is what his audiences love about him.
STOP BULLYING NOW says Jeff Yalden. Jeff is one of the top youth motivational speakers in the world addressing some of the most important teen topics of today. Bullying! Every day, Jeff gets a message about bullying in schools. Jeff talks real talk to today’s teens. You can’t stop the bully, but you can help the bullied learn how to deal with the bully. For years we have had bullying and for many years we will continue to have it. How do we deal with it. We address the self-esteem of the person being bullied, and we teach them not [More]
This week’s guest on the Focus on The Good Podcast is the one and only Jeff Yalden! Jeff is an absolute legend in the youth motivational speaker world. Over the last 23 years Jeff has been one of the biggest youth speakers in the world! Jeff has spoken in all 50 states, 48 countries and has spoken to millions of teenagers around the world. Jeff is a multi time author, MTV “Made” coach and suicide prevention specialist. Jeff recently retired from full time speaking and in this interview we talk about what he learned over the last 23 years. Jeff [More]
Youth Motivational Speaker and MTV MADE Teen Life Coach, Jeff Yalden, talks about teen entitlement. Visit for more information about Jeff Yalden speaking at your next youth or teen event. The teen speaker that your teens love to hear.
Jeff Yalden is a teen mental health, suicide prevention, and crisis intervention expert for school communities. Here is Jeff’s TEDx Talk – The “WHY” Behind America’s Teen Suicide Epidemic from Deerfield High School in Kansas. For more information about Jeff Yalden, please visit #Depression #BiPolar #Stress #Anxiety #TeenSuicidePrevention #13ReasonsWhy #MentalHealthSpeakers #TedTalks #JeffYalden #HighSchoolSpeakers #YouthSpeakers #TeenSpeakers #EducationalSpeakers #SuicidePrevention #MilitarySuicides #TeenSuicidePrevention #GuidanceCounselors #Counselors #Therapy #TrustedAdults #Teachers #SchoolMentalHealth
October 12, 2012 – One of the top youth motivational speakers in all of North America visited his hometown where it all started and spoke to the students. Jeff Yalden was mesmerized and honored to go back to where his life started. Mt. Sinai High School, Long Island, NY invited Jeff Yalden to speak to their students. For more information on Jeff Yalden and his awesome high school assemblies – “The Jeff Yalden Experience”, please visit
Jeff Yalden is a renowned motivational speaker speaking on Mental Health and School Communities on motivation and mental health. For more information, visit