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J. Cole “Love Yourz” Official Video This video was inspired by Peter Parkkerr Films after hearing J. Cole’s album. We decided to film the song “Love Yourz” because of the message “We” as a film team feel like J. Cole was trying to get across. This Project is a Music Video/Short-film about appreciating the life that was given to you instead of envying someone else’s life wishing it was yours. *I don’t own any of the audio* *All for non-profit use* Directed By Peter Parkkerr Edited by Peter Parker & Bdragon
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Inspired by one of my favorite songs “Love Yourz” by J.Cole. Cristiano Ronaldo’s greatest moments in his career. The sacrifices he and his family have made – and their rewards. Music: 1. Nocturnal Animals Soundtrack 02 Exhibition 2. Nocturnal Animals Soundtrack 11 Table For Two 3. Nocturnal Animals Soundtrack 01 Wayward Sisters 4. Dunkirk Soundtrack – “Going Home” by Filip Oleyka 5. Nocturnal Animals Soundtrack 04 A Solitary Woman 6. J Cole – Love Yourz Instrumental Thumbnail by SportifEffect Cristiano Ronaldo – Goals, Skills, Assists, Passes, Life, Kid, Family, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Sporting Lisbon, Portugal, Funchal, Madeira, Childhood, Team, [More]
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J-Cole Motivational Video | The Meaning of “Love Yourz” There is a very powerful meaning behind J-Cole new hit single “Love Yours” and only if you have the right perception you can decode the message. J-Cole is a thought provoking artist who has an inspirational message in all his lyrics. Truth is, you ain’t going never be happy until you love the things you already have in your life. So many people take life for granite and are always looking to the next man to approve of himself. That’s not how the universe works. Creation is always helping us, guiding [More]
You ever prayed for something your whole life? I mean, all you dreamed about was this one thing I mean, you know it’s coming You have faith in all that But sometimes… Sometimes you second guess yourself That’s human nature, I suppose, second guessing… When life seems to take you through more downs than ups Seems like it gives you more losses than wins But do you stand tall and be bold? Or do you fold? Do you believe? See, me, I came a long way Way too far for me to stop now Not that I would stop anyways [More]