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Please watch: “Talk About Boredom…~Vlog” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- I own nothing
I DO NOT OWN ALL THE AUDIO AND VIDEO MATERIALS WHAT ARE USED IN THIS VIDEO ! I love this type of equine vids so i made one by myself. 🙂
None of the music or video footage is mine, I only claim ownership of the editing, hence the watermark. Enjoy! Audio Credit: Sabethxshagall
W O W… this video made by Demi is SPOT ON. The text, it’s just so right… fear is mindkill. How epic combined with this footage… Wow… This also makes me so so proud of Nalanta, the horses, us.. we are doing it, living the dream… Editor:
*HD IS YOUR BEST FRIEND* Oh hey everyone! How was your summer? I am so sorry i haven’t been on youtube for like a month… again. I was working on many projects but always ended up hating the way they were turning out and deleting them all! Even this one i am not really satisfied of the result but oh well… still sharin’ it with you guys just to let you know that i am still alive, hehe! I think it’s better to upload a video that was made with inspiration every once in a while then share a shitty [More]
Please note that my old account was called “XxEquiEditorXx”, However I have changed it to Geolivia last year; this is still my video! The song is called “Two Steps From Hell – Archangel” and the clips I have all found on Youtube and Vimeo. Thanks – Geolivia (XxEquiEditorXx)
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