Download our detailed summary notes on how you can study way more effectively – and get extra study tips that weren’t included in this video: With exam season upon us and the holidays fast approaching we decided to make Marty Lobdell’s famous 1-hour long lecture “Study Less Study Smart” into a motivational video that summarizes the key points! Ever wonder how to study effectively? Did you know there’s an extremely simple method that research has shown can increase your GPA by 1.0 (seriously) 😲 Watch the video and download our summary notes: The full 1-hour long lecture: [More]
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A video on how to actually motivate yourself for exam revision and have motivation to do well in GCSE/A Level exams – and how to stop stressing and cope with exam stress! YOU’LL BE FINE!! Exams are temporary. I love you. Keep working hard (and push yourself to get what you KNOW you can!) —————————— Hi my name is Jade and welcome to UnJaded Jade! I post every Wednesday abut varying topics I truly care about, from self confidence to veganism. ——————————- Previous vid: The Best Revision Technique No One Tells you About – I’m a Youtube Newbie! It’s [More]
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It’s around that time of the year when you just don’t feel like doing anything, especially anything to do with school and studying… Need some inspiration or motivation? Here are my life hacks and tips for getting motivation in dealing with everything from having too much to read, changing up your study habits, tips for focusing better in class and while studying, and doing better on your papers! YOU GOT THIS!! Good luck 🙂 *UPDATE!! I got hooked up with an Audible trial!!! Use my link to get a free month with 1 free audio book! – Annemarie ♡ [More]
In this medical school student vlog, I share some of my study tips and methods of how I stay focused and how not to procrastinate while studying for my medical school classes. Studying and balancing life outside of med school can be challenging, so it is crucial to maximize and make the most of you study time. Some of the ways that helped me maximize my studying time in med school are turning my phone off/leaving my phone in another room, planning my study schedule, strategizing caffeine breaks, etc. Items in this video: Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper: Hario Kettle: [More]
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