Dr. Jim Messina, a licensed psychologist and co-founder of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, presents a 2-hour webinar to the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association on 5/26/17. Description: You hear about and might even had some training on Motivational Interviewing (MI) but now you can spend some time and examine how to use MI in a variety of settings including Substance Use Disorder, Integrated Medicine and Mental Health Disorder Treatment Centers. Learn about what does it take to help clients to identify their issues which need treatment and then assist in planning the treatment plans for addressing these issues.
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A video clip developed by the Paul Burke Training Group as a lead-in to group training exercises in reflective listening. Often used as a discussion starter/demo to reduce tension prior to role-plays that involve learner participation.
MI founder William Miller talks about how Motivational Interviewing helps people resolve their ambivalence about changing addictive behaviors. Watch the full video at: https://www.psychotherapy.net/video/miller-motivational-interviewing
How can you adapt your conversational style to help motivate people to make the changes that they really want to make? Mel Seddon narrates this short and sweet animation. More on http://www.motivationalinterview.org/ and http://amiatraining.blogspot.co.uk/ and
This video depicts a behavioral health provider demonstrating “MI Consistent” smoking cessation group intervention skills. The provider models what providers should strive to do when facilitating MDQuit’s Behavioral Health Smoking Cessation Group Intervention. All behavioral health consumers portrayed in the MDQuit video are actors and the cases, substance abuse, and mental health examples are fictional. This video was created for the training of behavioral health providers to facilitate MDQuit’s Behavioral Health Smoking Cessation Group Intervention. For more smoking cessation resources and information, please visit our website: www.mdquit.org.
This is a demonstration and comparison of styles between “business as usual” and Motivational Interviewing with a family member of an individual with a developmental disability. In the first section, the professional does not use Motivational Interviewing. In the second section at 1:43, Motivational Interviewing trainer, Liz Barnett, uses Motivational Interviewing and reflective listening to establish a healthy and productive working relationship. This clip is taken from “Challenging Conversations: Instructional Videos for Professionals Working with Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and their Families.” This project was administered by Westside Regional Center, in partnership with North Los Angeles Regional Center, the [More]
http://www.thecounselingacademy.com. For an example of a change plan worksheet visit http://motivationalinterview.net/clinical/changeplan.PDF Motivational Interviewing 3: Change Plan
Dr. Craig Piso is a psychologist with 32 years of experience in the field. Over the last 10 years he’s been practicing Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques and has developed workshops and curricula on MI to be used specifically in educational settings.
Help yourself and others overcome ambivalence and make up their minds with Motivational Interviewing. MI uses a variety of techniques and advanced therapeutic skills like OARS, expressing empathy, reflective listening and many more to facilitate the process of decision making. Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/jhuddy89 Twitter: https://twitter.com/PinnacleofMan1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PinnacleOfMan Gmail: pinnacleofman@gmail.com