Interview with Dr. Deepak Chopra on the TV show A Balanced Life. Host is Eileen Richardson. Topics covered are the Law of Dharma, Giving back and finding your life purpose. The Host, Eileen Richardson is also a Life Coach and can be contacted through her website at .
In this sleep meditation, Deepak Chopra, M.D., leads us through a calming exercise to ease us into rest, and also to reimagine what our sleep space can be. Take a few moments to remove the barriers to sleep and reclaim the stability of your mind. Through this careful instruction you will be lulled into a restful state and from there you will find comfortable and spacious slumber. More Deepak Chopra guided meditations: Stay connected with SONIMA: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest:
O ateu Deepak Chopra é pego em sua própria lógica, dizem que ele se esconde até hoje 😉
El Dr. Chopra nos enseña una técnica básica de meditación que puede ser utilizada muy rápidamente por quienes desean iniciar en meditar
Selections : Deepak Chopra, Bliss, Enigma, Omar Akram, John Sokoloff, Maksim, Secret Garden Un Grand Merci à TOUS ! Je vous aime Beaucoup ! Namaste !
DESCRIPTION: Meditate it forward with Oprah and Deepak Chopra to add one more day to their 21-day meditation challenge.* Deepak leads this meditation that focuses on the global community, setting our intent on those who are less fortunate than us around the globe. Let’s raise each other up. Visit the Chopra Center Meditation website to learn more: ______________________________ THE CHOPRA WELL is a new Youtube channel created to encourage people to live healthier, fuller lives and to be more aware. Deepak, Mallika and Gotham Chopra, along with other friends and experts, join together in this inspiring project for personal [More]
Try to imagine this debate without Sam Harris being there to correct Deepak. It would have seemed like Deepak was making good points. Thank you SAM HARRIS! Does God have a future? “Nightline” tackles this and other delicate questions related to faith and spirituality in a “Face-Off” to air Tuesday, March 23. Deepak Chopra, a physician and best-selling author of “How to Know God,” and prominent scholar, philosopher and writer Jean Houston, will face-off against Michael Shermer, founding publisher of “Skeptic” magazine, and Sam Harris, author of “The End of Faith.” The panelists will debate the tension between God and [More]
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Deepak Chopra es un médico indio. Hábil disertante y escritor prolífico, ha escrito extensamente sobre espiritualidad y el poder de la mente en la curación médica. Está influenciado por las enseñanzas de escrituras tradicionales indias como el Ayurveda, corriente tradicional de la medicina india, los Vedanta y el Bhagavad Gita, pero también por la física cuántica. Es uno de los seguidores de J. Krishnamurti.
Sam Harris defeats Deepak Chopra. The problem I have with Deepak is that he tries to logically argue for something that by definition is beyond logic. Does “God” have to be restricted within (“chained up”) inside of logic and reason? – check it out to learn more about biofeedback Deepak Chopra guided meditation. How can biofeedback help me achieve a longer, healthier, happier life? The word meditation comes from the Latin meditatio, which originally indicated every type of physical or intellectual exercise, then later evolved into the more specific meaning “contemplation.” Eastern spiritual teachings, including meditation, have been adapted and increasingly practiced in Western culture. – Stress is medically proven to have negative effects on the body and takes its toll on our physical and mental well-being on a cellular level. According to the Centers for Disease [More]
At a meeting in Noordwijk in 1997 Deepak Chopra discusses religion, cyberspace and spiritual health
“How To Get What You Really Want”, audio of the PBS Program. Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra use spiritual principles to explain how to get what you truly want. Music by David Benoit and images of nature. Part 1 of 13.
Journalist and filmmaker Gotham Chopra spends a year traveling the world decoding his father Deepak Chopra, resolving the spiritual icon he is to the world vs. the real man known to his family. What starts as an intimate biopic becomes a deeper plunge into the meaning of identity itself. Click here for more info: Read more:
Subscribe to our channel to be updated on latest episodes (it’s free!): Description: What’s the furthest you’ve gone for your faith? Gotham Chopra explores examples of extreme devotion around the world,* including Shaolin monks in China who break bricks over their heads and the vegetarian festival in Phuket, Thailand during which entranced Ma Song pierce themselves with giant spears. HOLY FACTS is an irreverent and light-hearted look at strange, phenomenal, and unbelievable stories in the world of religion and spirituality – think “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” with a spiritual twist. Hosted by Gotham Chopra. NEW EPISODES EVERY WEDNESDAY. [More]