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Taylor Swift Success Story: Try karna mat chodo, Never give up. This is a hindi motivational video in kickstart morning motivation series. Press the bell icon to get notified every morning 5:00AM Read lyrics here: Music: Join me on Social Media: Motivation Ki Machin Group: Join me on Facebook: Instagram: Best Gifting company:
Watch my stream! Support my videos! — ——- Based on a true story, although edited for dramatic effect. (We didn’t actually win right after the black hole, it took another 5 mins or so). The video is not about if it’s true or not, it’s only supposed to serve as a motivator to everyone out there. And in reality, that black hole DID win us the game, just not right away! This video is supposed to be some sort of fanmade trailer for dota 2. In my experience this is why I love dota. You never [More]
Facebook: Twitter: When the passion for your favorite team starts from soul and a swirl of emotions makes the heartbeat faster, here that PATHOS, HOPE and FAITH explode in an uncontrollable joy when the GOAL of victory comes. With this video I wanted to pay tribute to Manchester City and all those who have understood that it is worth to fight for what they BELIEVE in! If you want something in your life, get busy and take it! Edited by Francesco Virga