Watch your workout motivation soar through the roof by training like an athlete Finding the right motivation to workout can be challenging. Whether it be the everyday life events that keep you from staying consistent with your workouts or even worse, the negative naysayers who tell you what you can and can’t accomplish…it can be an uphill battle. In this workout motivation video I address the issue head on. I show you how I deal with negative people in every walk of life, and even more importantly, show you how you can do the same. People that tell you [More]
Dare to be your best here – Subscribe to this channel here – I want to start by recognizing the milestone of crossing the three million subscriber mark. That said, this is not my achievement. It’s yours. This channel is about you the viewers and the support you provide by believing in me and trusting in the quality of the content that I strive to create for you in every video. With that said, I humbly thank you and appreciate you for providing me with the incentive to settle for nothing less than my best. On to 4 [More]
Stay motivated through every workout here – Even the most seasoned gym veteran can use a bit of extra workout motivation from time to time. In this video, I compiled workout and training footage from various workouts and paired them up with some good old fashioned epic music to help get you fired up for the next session. Though you can never tell the amount of effort someone else is exerting when they train, I can assure you that mine was through the roof as I pushed through ever exercise in this montage. The benefits of explosive training are [More]
Become part of my team – Subscribe to this channel here – If you are running low on workout motivation, this video will likely change that for you in just a few minutes. I want to introduce you to Brendan O’doherty. Like you, he is an avid watcher of my videos and a young man who was on top of the world in terms of his career, his life and his health. That is until his world was rocked by a diagnosis of testicular cancer. Brendan had surgery to remove the cancerous testicle in 2014 and remained cancer [More]