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If you understand people’s top motivational drivers, you can make a real difference to their energy and motivation. Carole Gaskell talks you through the 9 motivators and talks through the motivational hot buttons for each driver.
TaxiJo gives his secret as to why he is a well oiled supercharged taxi driver ready to take on the world of a Monday morning.
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Tony Robbins: STAY HUNGRY (Tony Robbins Motivation) “The best entrepreneurs on earth never lose that hunger–they are hungry to grow, hungry to give, hungry to contribute,” Robbins says. “It’s more important than intelligence. There’s nothing that will stop a person who is hungry enough. A hungry person, failure doesn’t stop them.” Tony would absolutely agree that strategies are important. But the best strategies stem from something greater. According to Tony, there wasn’t one strategy or practice that all successful people shared; it was a certain mindset that they all had in common. They were always hungry. “Most people are hungry [More]
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Giving is rarely about money. Over a 7 day period, we highlighted some of the world’s most intimate acts of giving in an effort to showcase the true essence of the word “GIVE”. We hope this short-film encourages viewers to nurture the those vital moments which change someone’s life. The imagery and words were too good to be hidden in Vimeo. This is originally produced by sevenly.org to inspire the giving spirit.
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Elon Musk is Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Product Architect. He is Fonder, CEO and CTO of SpaceX, Co-Founder of Tesla Motors and Chairman of SolarCity. He is also Co- Founder Zip2 and PayPal. His net worth is 12 Billion US $. He is a true inspiration for Entrepreneurs. He Always Inspires us By His Motivational Speech, Quotes, Interviews and Commencement speeches. Hope you like this Video (Composition) Here are Elon Musk 7 Rules of Success: 1. Don’t Follow Trend 2. Constantly Seek Criticism 3. Work like Hell 4. Never Ever Give up 5. Work Hard 6. Create Better from Other [More]
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NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS NO MATTER HOW HARD LIFE MAY HIT YOU. IN THE END YOU’RE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN DESTINY. NEVER FORGET THAT YOU ARE IMPORTANT. THE WHOLE WORLD IS SLEEPING 2017 MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO. !!MUST WATCH!! Are you going through depression and fear. Fear that is making you feel like you are alone. Well I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. Hopefully, this video will benefit you in reaching your dreams. 0 motivation, 1 hour motivation, 1 hour motivational music, 1 minute motivational video, 3 idiots motivational scene, 3 motivational songs, 3 motivational [More]
Charan is back with a new vlog to explain the top 7 motivational drivers and how to get ready to accomplish what you want to this year. Visit https://firstpracticemanagement.co.uk and https://thornfields.co.uk for more information into our services.
Ian Hutchinson, Founder & Chief Engagement Officer of Life by Design introduces the 7 Key Engagement Drivers in this short video excerpt. To explore this topic more check out the online course – http://lifebydesign.teachable.com/p/employee-engagement. For more information go to http://www.LifebyDesign.com.au