An instant dose of motivation for staying inspired and motivated. This one minute motivational video will make you think about one choice which we all get, and that choice is called ‘Life’. It is on us that he we use this choice. Initially, this short motivational video tells us about many choices which we do not get, like we do not choose birth date, place, religion, country, environment etc. Most of us do not chose our death also. But the intent of this motivational video is to remind you that there is one choice which we all have in our [More]
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Get Motivated – You Are A Winner, You Can Do Anything !! Draw Abundance, Wealth, Self Confidence, Success, Money, and Prosperity Into Your Life !! Get a Millionaire Mind, be Motivated !! 2 Minute Motivator, Attract Wealth Success Abundance Prosperity Money Motivational Video #7 Please Subscribe: GrowingForever Playlist – The Affirmations: I pursue my dreams with ease I can stand up to anything I am bold and outgoing I can achieve anything I want I always stand up for myself and my beliefs I always find a way to succeed I confidently meet any challenge I know I [More]
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Tony Robbins’ name is synonymous with happiness and success, but he had to learn self-development the hard way. He was abandoned by his father at a young age, suffered from his mother’s abuse, and struggled with financial difficulty until, one day, he took a decision that altered the course of his life. Watch this 7 minutes inspirational video to witness a life transformation like you’ve never seen before. ► Music: Jorge Mendez – War Inside: Mattia Cupelli – Waves: Marcus January – Awakening ► For more Inspirational Videos: ► Subscribe To Our Channel Here: Transcript: [More] How Are WINNERS MADE? How are winners made? I think in order to properly answer this question we must 1st find out what a winner truly is. Winner by definition: Victor, success, champion, conqueror, 1st past the post, front runner, leader, dark horse. 1. win·ner (noun) 1. somebody or something winning competition 2. somebody or something successful 3. winning shot My definition: “The person who for what ever reason can attain their desired result from any given situation” The person that wins 1st place is the winner, because they were able to achieve the result that everyone else [More]
TO PURCHASE THE RIGHT TO USE THIS VIDEO PLEASE CLICK HERE These days, everybody is worried about something. In this 7 Minute Sermon, Jon shows us how we can use scripture to combat worry in our lives. Speaker: Jon Jorgenson (@jonjorgenson) Filming/Editing: Jon Jorgenson Music: “Full Circle” by Peter McIsaac Music Instagram: @animaseries Twitter: @theanimaseries Facebook us: Support us:
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Motivational Video Thanks for watching & i hope you guys inspired! ☛SUBSCRIBE for more! ► ☛Check out my soccer freestyle channel: ✔PATREON ► ✔FACEBOOK ► ✔TWITTER ► ✔INSTAGRAM ► Background Song: Transformers Age of Extinction best thing ever happened Extended Speaker: Les Brown: Help me caption & translate this video: FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that [More]
Vidéo de motivation Avez-vous l’envie d’amélioré votre vie ? Vivez vos rêves !
SUCCESS AWAITS! The 6th Ultimate 30-Minute Motivational Speeches Compilation is here! These are the best motivational videos for achieving success! I honestly believe this compilation is powerful enough to change someones life. If you know anyone who could use it please share it with them! This motivational video compilation was created in partnership with Motivation2Study to inspire and motivate students, entrepreneurs, hard workers, and ANYONE striving to be SUCCESSFUL! Subscribe to Motivation2Study! ✉ ✉If you would like to stay updated with our latest videos please subscribe and activate the bell (next to the subscribe button) to receive updates and [More]
En tant qu’élève de secondaire 5 (16 ans) faisant partie du programme d’éducation intermédiaire (P.E.I) à l’école Joseph-François-Perrault (Québec), je vous présente mon projet personnel qui vient clôturer mes 5 années dans ce programme. ✦DONNE MOI UN J’AIME!✦ ►Discours Écrit Et Performé Par Moi-Même◄►1:22 Avion 3D Créé Par Moi-Même Avec Le Logiciel After Effect◄ ✦Acteurs✦ – Xavier Cadenas Gobeil – Guilbert Cyr Lépine – Hubert Harvey – Claude Lépine ✦Vidéos Utilisées Que Je N’ai Pas Filmées✦ ► Korea v Denmark – Badminton Men’s Doubles Semifinals | London 2012 Olympics;end=94:45;cycles=-1;autoreplay=false ► Nepal – Adventures of Teamsupertramp in 4K – #fortunetraveller [More]