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Here’s the 3rd Video of the series. Presenting Legandary actor- Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Life Making’ attribute unlocked by Amitabh Unstoppable. Watch now!! Connect with him at
Short on time but need motivation? This video is perfect for you. In sixty second we give you the motivation you need to either get started or give you the extra push to stay motivated. Also make sure to check out our other videos: How I made 100k online in 12 months: 7 Facebook Marketing Techniques: If you need more leads and sales also be sure to check out:
You can get yourself into a super motivated and energised state within 60 seconds! General Principles :- 1) Dress for Success 2) Stand Tall 3) I want success for myself, and so do others around me
Everybody has dreams, But the success belongs to one who dare to chase the dreams. Please Wake up from your dream.Lets chase it down. Do your best to achieve your greatness.The dream followers creates the history. Made your own success story don’t follow others. You are the Greatest. You can do anything! please follow us on facebook
Be extraordinary is a movement that wants to inspire people to reach their fullest potential through study and exchange of literature and experiences
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Jabari Hall “STOP WAITING” —————————– Have you ever questioned the life you are living ? . Have you ever questioned if you are going to get a chance to do this again ? . Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself “underneath this fasaad, who am i ? Who do i want to be ” ? . Huh ? . Stop waiting around !! . Stop waiting for the right moment !! . Stop acting like you get to do this twice !! . Stop acting like tomorrow is already promised !! . Stop acting like your [More]
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Is it muscle? Or is it something more? Is it measured in miles or milliseconds? Is it your best time or your worst day? Maybe strong is just what you have left when you’ve used up all your weak…