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Emotional And Funy…
one of the best inspirational scene from the movie BHAGH MILKHA BHAG
3 idiots motivational dialogs #3 Life ek race hai
aamir khan best dialogue from movie : rang de basanti, 3 idiots, dhoom 3, ghajani,
The video teaches you the value of Attitude, moral of video is “Attitude is everthing” in Hindi language. Great example of Attitude at interview taken from 3 Idiots bollywood movie when Raju Rastogi gives interview in the end scene of movie. The video can helpful for students who are preparing for interview or will give interview and also can be helpful for employees, businessman etc. The video simply explains why and how Attitude is important for everyone’s life. 3 Idiots movie is so messagefull and better for every students, I think everyone should watch this movie to take inspiration in [More]