BREAK THROUGH HELL – Motivational Speech Video – TD Jakes

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One of the Best Motivational Speech Videos from Motivational Speaker TD Jakes: Break Through HELL
“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

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TD Jakes

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Armani Smith says:

the word hell motivated me

J Y says:

If we never had to walk through hell. If we never gained a total understanding the very essence of what pain truly is… we wouldn't of been prepared to be so grateful for the blessing and never let it go

Meta Reimie says:

This is a good one.

Captain Khan says:

Outstanding performance great video and great contribution to the community fantastic inspiration…!!

S.H NURSE says:

Hello … thank u for all yours video. … they are so inspiring … How can I help for traduction … I m a french girl … may i upload video for put french sub titlte traduction with YouTube … thank u for answer. .. thank u for your video. …

traceuser12 says:

I'm in a storm right now. It's a struggle every morning I open my eyes. Every second I'm swinging and I'll continue swinging until this storm gives up. It will not destroy me. Once I walk out of this storm I'll be stronger than before, wiser than before, and be more at peace with myself than therefore. I'll never give up. Watch me rise and watch me conquer.

Isaiah Neal says:

This is great

Motivational Movement says:

Wow. Amazing video. Love TD Jakes. Knocking on 100k. Great job brother

Motivation by You says:

It´s the process that will bring you through hell, conquer the process then you´ll conquer the world!

Lilly Lioness says:

Awesome. Thank you!!!

bstar2033 says:

Thank you Motiversity. The road at times is tough but I can't give up! We must keep on keeping on.

Shantelle Heaney says:

It feels like my fight in life never end!!!!

L Rayray says:

This made me find out that all that shit in school of having in a GF, being popular, having lots of friends doesn't matter and wont get u knowere in life and that also have to focus on my goals to the max, waking up early, do some sacrifices, and not give a shit about all that High School fuckery about i was this or that.

Sarie Groenewald says:

Seems my fight in life is everlasting

Jason Bruno says:

Great listen to start my day today!! Bless you all for creating these messages for every walk of life!


Good Technique

Tony Escalona says:

I need this today!

RJ Garrison says:

What message is his from?

Lilly Lioness says:

What's the song at 3:50 min?

The Marinated Gentleman says:

Thank You, took a few chinks in the armor today….. I'm back on my feet now, Thanks.


Jourdansole Bernal says:

Thank u for this video I'm going thru a bump in the road and this helped me out

tasha b says:

whew this video is on time

Joal Stewart says:

Amen my brother!

Motiversity says:

"If you're going through hell, keep going." – Winston Churchill

Tone Combs says:

This video just woke me up.

SupremeLevel Media says:

Awesome video!

ThcHemplar says:

perfect timing… rough day.

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