BORN TO RUN – Running Motivation

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The fifth video in my inspirational running series. Comment below with your running goals for 2017!

New video “BEYOND” out now!

High-Finesse – Event Horizon
The Glitch Mob – Animus Vox

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IIIWheels says:

Vote for the title of my next video – dropping December 2017:

Abd-al-Haq al-Haqiqi says:

Humans are the best at two things creating stuff & Running long distance these two things made us who we are today it's what we do best than any other species we are born to do these two things it's what kept us alive and made us the most dominant in this planet

Mason Shirey says:

i just cried

Z Espinosa says:

It's just like

Bee Nita says:

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Ewan Lorimer says:

wtf durianrider doing here

Bucketlist Fit Running says:

Best pump up running video, thanks.

Billy Bussey says:

That kid at the end has eye of the tiger like a mug. We're going to see a new star.

Mehdi Ramirez says:

i don't know why i love this sport i live for run

stalin1909 says:

Great work , thank you . But sprinters should't be included in this awesome video . They are not stamina or endurance runners . They are in a different class altogether.

Juan Mendez says:

Striving for a personal goal is the greatest high

Eryk Szcześniak says:

when new video?

David Dempsey says:

One of the absolute best channels i've found, can't wait for the next video!

Kurt Steege says:

Great stuff any more coming out soon?

4AM Warriors says:

Love your videos man! Keep it up! #4AMWarriors

MedBoy 101 says:

what is the name of the song at the end ???

i64stupid says:

Thank you so much for these videos they are immensely inspirational and they motivate every day to work hard to achieve my dreams in runnning

RoryZ23 says:

Human beings, YES YOU, are built to run. If you are reading this you have an ancestor who ran like the wind and caught their food every day. Shut your mouth, get up, and go run.

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