Best Motivational Speech, Music | Dragon Edition 2014

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Dragon Editon:
Lion Edition:
Wolfs Edition:
Eagle Edition:
Phoenix Edition:

I dont owe anything in this audio, i just put all together! This is also non profit audio tracklist made to help and motivate as many people as it is possible! Enjoy and never give up! 🙂
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jacques bikai says:

song @ 40:40 please?

colin cheung says:

i cant seem to download from any of those links 🙁

Sackatizer Games says:

These videos have the potential to give me undying determination.

Mikael Cotting says:

Whats the song at 48:00 ?

Jordan Mather says:

I freaking love these videos and recommend them to all of the student-entrepreneurs I consult. Gives me goosbumps. My one question is what happened to the Wolf version? That one was my favorite. Could you post it again? I can't find it anywhere.


Song at 11:40 is T.I. – Go Get It [Official Video]

Michelle Gross says:

whats the song at 3:00??

Jordan Hunt says:

Does anyone know the very first rap song that's played?

SaiyanPride 17 says:

"You're going to become resentful…don't ever let that concept cross the path of your consciousness…" Not really helping us out with that…haha But I love ya Elliot!

tlj24 says:

like this comment if you are watching in 2016!

Justin Wheeler says:

That dragon motivated himself to burn down that village full of men, women, and children! Follow his example!

Raziuh TheWise says:

Song at 13:+ min????

Raziuh TheWise says:

That rap beat at 11+ min?? anyone know?

Rajiv Reddy says:

Could you please make a version without the songs in between? also what is the music that plays at 21:00 (the violin)

Emanuel Avila says:

great Video,,, Please you know who talk at time 42 minute,,

Ryan Casey says:

whats the song around 12:15?

john hfournaise says:

Nice video bro 😉
Could you tell me where's the speech at 53:22 from?

Lawrence Bueno says:

anyone know the song playing at the background at 32:40.

Elton Franko Aoxamub says:

I love this motivational audio

Joe Smith says:

Anyone know the person at 7 minutes?

Mark Santiago says:

Hey does anyone know where i can find the seminar of les brown of the motivational talk at around 41 mins? Many thanks.

antricio s says:

Music at 6:10?

Varodom Pradidsarn says:

Anyone has any idea how I can get this in Audio ? I wish I can listen to this on my iPod

antricio s says:

Song at 6:45?

Kyle Kraemer says:

"Beast or Bitch?!" Your choice

TheOneNOnlyAxi says:

What is the first speech from?

bubonikas says:

Does anybody have any idea where can I find the complete track from this set that starts at 39:10 and ends at 41:33 ? I really adore it!

Lai Rosa says:

I love all the songs in this Video!!! Really love it<3<3<3. Thank you for sharing motivation <3

GamePlayRaja says:

Listen to that music and then go to sleep. Because that's what we all end up doing. We are a WEAK generation we are unable to do shit. Unless we create a Imaginary Savior who is literally our evil self. Only the Evil inside us cares about ONLY YOU. the good in us cares about others. you have to choose a way.

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