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I just hope this video will be helpful for somebody.
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Eric Thomas –
Les Brown – Motivational Speech
Joel Osteen – Motivational speech
Jaret Grossman
Jim Carrey


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Eclipse Motivation says:

Up until now I’ve only heard negative things about Joel Osteen. But man he’s got some fantastic stuff!! “Your life will move in the direction of your words!”

Talking with the world says:

that was fantastic thank you for that

Marie MaRie says:

Faith not sight
The harder the battle the sweeter the victory

courage will have you walking with a different spirit

Sucdi ciisr says:

Thank u guys I like to be someone but I feel I can't be because I didn't believe myself

NappyVereen /Versuhtyle Fools says:

"If it was easy everybody would do it" so true and struggles weed out the weak only the strong survive but don't ever doubt yourself because regret will internally defeat you and it will show on the external as well

Kushagra Gupta says:

Best motivational vedio ever

Healthy Mind says:


god bless you all.

Jim Ramirez says:

Simply great !

Luke Palmer says:

Every thing this you guys post is so true

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