Best Motivational Speech Compilation EVER #12 – DECIDE TO WIN – 30 Minutes of the Best Motivation

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DECIDE TO WIN! The 11th Ultimate 30-Minute Motivational Speech Compilation is here! These are some of the best Motivational Videos that I have ever heard and that I continue to listen to to get motivated!

►From 1:07 to 7:00 is all NEW!
This is a re-upload/remake as we were having issues with the other version from last week. Even though it was at 100k views I decided it was worth it to take it down and make it better.
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1. Change Your Life – Ping Pong Studios
(Video by Motiversity)

2. Fight For It – Ben Lionel Scott

3. Until I Win (Part 1) – Motiversity

4. Set Yourself On Fire – Billy Alsbrooks

5. If You Die Tomorrow – Motiversity
(Audio Fearless Motivation, see below)…

6. Find Yourself – Tom Bilyeu

7. Work Hard & Make a Difference – Motivation2Study

8. Until I Win (Part 2) – Motiversity

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“Vinci 2.0” by soundboom –

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►Feelo – Time
►Feelo – Until I Win…

►Really Slow Motion – Throne of Masters
►Really Slow Motion – End Of An Era (Epic Inspirational Uplifting)
►Really Slow Motion – Reborn
►Really Slow Motion (Epic Soul Factory) – Everdream

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►One Day It Will Be Over – Live Now – Fearless Motivation…
Music & Speech by Fearless Motivation

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Practical Success says:

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." —Ralph Waldo Emerson

SLO-MO 96 says:

i am who i am! LOL

Kashieve White says:

Decisions are part of our lives we should all ensure we make the right ones

Emma w says:

We need to be young permanently

Emma w says:

Earth we forever infinite

Emma w says:

Friendship never ends literally ever

Emma w says:

Never last breathe. Not flash. Open heart to infinite possibilities

Emma w says:

Never give up literally ever. The world needs more kindness

Emma w says:

Life is very long potentially infinite etc we need to be physical immortality etc

RonyTV/RTV says:

Motiversity with another great banger!

- Tattooed Literature - says:

I don't want to be labeled as sexist (it is 2018 after all) but it's hard to really lift when a female is driving the motivation. Their voice lacks conviction, passion, and a stirring sense of inspiration. It falls flat, in my opinion. Does that make me a piece of shit? Hahah

Happy Facts Lifestyle says:

Killed it!! Outstanding video

MotivationHub says:

"Are we always going to make the right decision? Absolutely not no way in a 1000 years. But most people don't have the guts to make the tough decision because they want to make the right decision so they make no decision." – Tony Robbins

Motiversity says:

Hey guys, this is a re-upload/remake because we were having issues with the other version. Made a decision to fix it and make the whole video better and so from 1:07 to 7:00 is all new!

Thanks for watching! Subscribe to stay motivated with new videos every week!

MillerProMusic says:

Well done Motiversity, collab is put together great ~ Corey Miller


I Say My Times Gold and ALL ACTS

Sean Roberts says:

Keep up the great work brother..these videos help me kill it at the gym.. #motivationdedication

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