Achieve The Impossible – Motivation Video | 2015 Best Motivational | Reza Mokhtarian

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Achieve The Impossible – Motivation Video | 2015 Best Motivational | Ocean Sky Official
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I can’t thank you guys enough for all of your love and support! I wanted to make a video that came from my heart and also was a true image of what my mindset is. I wanted my first message to you guys to be a message full of positivity which is why I created this video, which is comprised of my thoughts towards life. I truly believe that if you want to achieve something regardless of how far or difficult the goal may seem, that if you commit yourself and believe in yourself you will be able to achieve the impossible.

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Achieve The Impossible – Motivation Video | 2015 Best Motivational


Dhaval Shukla says:

Thanks a lot to helping me to get up

Barbara Altman says:

Set the bar high for your success. Learn the value of delayed gratification. Know that it's often necessary to wait for your reward. I love the statement, Failure isn't fatal. Never give up.
From Barbara Altman,

Brand Ray says:

Reza scams. Beware.

David Pooley says:

Reza, I have been over weight all my life I used to accept it and told myself that is the way life is. After meeting you, listening to your story and watching your video, I no longer accept it. I now pump iron morning and evening in a matter of weeks the pounds are dropping off and the body and mind are awake. After my business crashed and losing all 2014, I had slipped in a very dark place, but you have turned on the light. I realize now my biggest problem was I was trying to do it all by myself. I have joined Mentor Tips and now my life has purpose. I thank you and when I pay off my children's student loans, 280 K debt, they too will thank you. Brother you have broken the chains, you lift up our lives and motivate the world to be a better place. I am honored to be part of your family. THANK YOU, in such a sort time you have taught me so much. Dave from down under.

Akanksha Misra says:

I saw in the comments that this is your 1st video on YouTube.
Seriously, this is the best motivational video I've come across.
I was having a really bad day and watching this video made me feel so much better about myself! Thank you so much and please make many more videos like this. 🙂

SuperCortes10 says:

this is so damn beautiful, I almost cried lol, Love you so much reza, you're fucking amazing thank you for every thing you have given not only to me but to so many others. —————– #TEAM MOTHERFUCKING SKY BITCHES !!! —————

tamika Bispham says:

Ocean I thank my friend for introducing you into my life you have shown me some amazing things and now applying them to my day to day has change something in me I will forever be great full … be blessed

Alik Nshanian says:

How do you start to become rich, im 16 please help me, teach me please.

Hana Azmi says:

What a great great video! So moving, so inspirational! Thank you Reza for all the amazing stuff you are sharing with us. It will be life changing for most if not all of us. Much love and gratitude.

Maxxwell G. says:

my morning Ritual before I start my day! best 4 minutes of my day! #teamoceansky

Beyond sunsets says:

thanks tho u give false hope idk mb im pessimist

Logan Fuhrmann says:

this is amazing

Mr InspiredMind says:

This is Great I Loved your clip! We should be Friends when are you making more Videos?

KresTuts says:

I can't believe that I found because I was following car pages on Instagram a few months ago. I have been wanting to trade stocks so that I can live free and have access to anything I want and enjoy the time here on this planet. I want to make my parents proud. I'm so glad that you were more than a car page, and I am so glad to be on this journey with you!!

The Morning Show Frank says:

Dude I check you out on snap all the time and I love your swag, your view, your attitude and it's only given me more fuel to grind and do what I want, when I want, whenever I want to. I've worked over 200 hours with a small event company based out of NYC in the past 3 weeks and I love it cause I know it's just a stepping stone to greatness. Too many people are complacent and expect things to just happen. One of the phrases I hate the most is "let's see what happens". No you have to make it happen, right now. And you compound that for me. I don't know you personally but you stay in the back of my head as a reminder of where I'm going and the success I deserve for the time I'm putting in. I could elaborate further but it's not necessary, I know you already feel where I'm coming from. I love the grind and to retire is not the life I'm about. Work isn't a bad thing, it only builds you into a stronger, infinitely more independent person and as I write this I feel you're right across from me. I will continue to follow you and take the positive vibes you lay out in the most matter of fact no bullshit way you lay it out. And if I could grow a beard like you I would, but I can't yet so I'm going to take biotin supplements until that Shit gets thick enough so even Zeus takes notice.

Love the grind.
Live the grind.
Make money.
Spread the love.
Forget the haters.
Live life on your own terms.
And pass it forward.

Chris Hungerford says:

Ocean you are such and inspirational person I'm only 15 and because of you my mindset has changed. I have started to practice forex and researched about it on the baby pips website and eventually I want to start and build businesses. Thank you very much 🙂

Cameron Brockway says:

Awesome video any advice on how to find my niche or ways to find out what im ment to do because as of now i have now direction and feel as if i have no perpous im sick and depressed from walking threw life not knowing wut to do or how to get there :/ hopefully i can get a reply ive tried in all you're other accounts

Adam Niezgorski says:

Real good video. Pumped me up!

Rene Villanueva says:

Truly are an inspiration, i look foward to the New videos!

Ariokanikan says:

Hey man. +OceanSkyTV I'm a huge fan of your words of wisdom and snap chat videos. But I just think it'd be really awesome if you had longer videos for us to watch on youtube that are more accessible than periscope. I love what you're doing but I just never can sit down and watch your live periscopes. Just a tip to be more accessible to your followers bro.

Andrew Gooley says:

I first found you on instagram because I love car but I had no idea what I would learn from following you. Thank you for the video and please keep producing content.

dvpperlux X says:

Wow, Amazing !

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