1990 Rocky Balboa – Mickey Loves You

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i want a mickey in my life


C Biz says:

I get goosebumps watching this.

Tom Smith says:


TONY D says:

When your hurt and you that your feeling down…the way Old man Mikey express that with raw,uncut emotion it was so Divine I soak myself into tears of failure and realize that I still got one more Round in me.. – Eternal Saga

Maz All says:


Jair P says:

"Get up you son of a bitch, 'cause Micky LOVES YA."

We've all gotta have our Mickey in life…we've all gotta have reason to get up again and keep fighting

Johnfsu says:

One of the best scenes of the entire series.

Jimzyz Twitch says:

i cried on this part :(

Beartallica86 says:

This is possibly the best scene in Rocky V.

Hitashi son says:

Let Burgess Meredith show you how the act of acting is supposed to be performed, seemingly something long forgotten.  
Traded heart and soul for CG explosions and Transiformators.. We all lost.

Corey Veasey says:

How could you not love a Mickey

Jose Carachure says:

mickey and cus dmato are so similar, they both call fighters bums, mickey said the same quote cus did and cus had a necklace like that, that was given to him by muhammad ali

Richard Motroni says:

All the fancy, high priced personal trainers in the world can't lay a finger to Micky when it comes to motivation. Whenever I need that extra lift when I am exercising I got Mickey in my ear.

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